Credit Card Report February 2008

Okay, February’s credit card report.

In January, we owed 10867.83 to two credit cards.

In February, I took a $6000 cash advance transfer into our checking account so we could pay for the past due child support which my husband owes to me (which we in turn have to pay back to the state since I was on welfare for a while).

Toward the end of February, we had a cashier’s check made out for nearly $6000 and sent it to the Child Support Division of our state.

I applied for a new credit card, and was approved for $4000, which is being transferred to the Chase card to pay off part of the balance. I took the balance due of $3909 from our checking account and paid toward the Chase card.

Our total credit card debt is now at $12458.00.

We increased our credit card debt by $1591.

This is not too bad, considering we put out almost $6000 in child support back payments.

I will redo my sidebar graphs soon.

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