September 2009 Monthly Report

Monthly Report September 2009

I am so pleased with the September report. I was ready to post this report early in October, but I scheduled it for later in the month after I’ve paid the monthly payments to the credit cards.

We were under budget in many departments. Gasoline was $100 under budget, we avoided eating out and saved a lot by doing that.

We met our grocery goal of staying under $640 for the month of September! I’m amazed and delighted!

In August, I did not reveal the amount of our credit card debt. I couldn’t bear to share that the amount had gone up even higher than the July report.

Here is what happened: I had been paying $1000 twice monthly toward the credit card that I’d had Mr. A using before we went on the cash system budget. When I had to cancel the credit cards, I was not able to pay the entire $1000 that was due, so our credit card debt increased and it just made me sick.

June’s monthly report indicated our credit card debt at $23,045.92, then our air conditioner went out, so it went up to $24,540.25 for July. In August, it increased to $25,051.44. After the extra $500 payment on October 2nd, and the current monthly payments, we are now back to $23,979.84.

It is such a relief that the credit card debt did not increase over the month of September.

Yours Truly,

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2 thoughts on “September 2009 Monthly Report

  1. Funny, so many thoughts run through my head in response to your comment. 1. I remember being totally in charge of the finances (as you are). It’s unlikely that your budget can be much tighter than it currently is. 2. I suppose this is what can happen when one’s better half gets serious about budgeting for a few weeks. 3. All the old vehicles decided to cooperate. 4. Sheer luck?

    Thankfully we still haven’t charged anything to the credit cards for the month of October but I don’t think the budget will look as sharp. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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