My Hubby Fixed My Car A/C for $30!

I wrote about how Mr. A had hooked up a switch for my car’s air conditioning. It worked great for a couple of weeks but then the switch stopped working. By that point I was feeling more comfortable with the new “setup” and was okay just hooking the two wires together. Then last week the fan stopped working, even when the wires were hooked together. The next day as I’m preparing to leave for work my hubby leans in on the passenger side, smiles in a most charming manner and says,  “Let me show you how to get your air turned on.”  He handed me a piece of PVC with a water sprinkler hooked into one end.  Then he hooked the wires together, took the PVC pipe and tapped on the fan. The glovebox had been removed the previous day so that the fan could be easily “tapped”.

That worked for about two days, then the fan wouldn’t come on no matter how much tapping was applied to it.

It’s still pretty darn hot in the desert and I really don’t seem to be tolerating the heat as well as I could when I was younger, so I really need my air to work, and Mr. A knows it. Last Wednesday, he went on a job but when he got there he found the job had been canceled until another day. Since he was in town, he decided to make some calls and see about getting a replacement for my fan. He came by my job to take the fan with him. He tested it while it was out of position and by doing so found the problem. The squirrel cage part of the blower assembly had several fins that broke loose. While the squirrel cage was still the fins went back into position, so you could not see that anything was wrong. So while the blower assembly was in position, the fins would spin out, thus blocking the fan from working/blowing.

1953 Chrysler Imperial - detail of the air ven...
1953 Chrysler Imperial – detail of the air vents for the factory air conditioning system mounted in the trunk of this car. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He called around and found that one place had the entire blower assembly for $110. But then he found that Autozone had it for $80. They are typically more expensive, so he asked for more information about the part. It turns out it was ONLY the blower motor. They didn’t know where he could find the squirrel cage part. So next he started calling wrecking yards, and within a few minutes he found the part he needed, for $30.  It took only minutes to install and now I’m getting good cold air again.  Now I just need for him to get my glove box installed again and I’ll be one happy camper!

Yours Truly,

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6 thoughts on “My Hubby Fixed My Car A/C for $30!

  1. Yay! There are so many things my bf has fixed so far normally it would’ve cost thousands of dollars.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Berry Girl, I went over and looked at your blog. Welcome to the PF world of blogging! I like to check to see just how much money we saved when Mr. A does the repairs himself. Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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