More Love of my Car’s AC

About three or four or maybe even five years ago, I had to stop using the air on my Pathfinder on the high setting otherwise it would make a weird whirring noise. Whatever it was doing, I was afraid it would break if I kept running it on high, so I never took it past medium after that.

A couple of weeks ago, after Mr. A fixed my air conditioner, it occurred to me that maybe I could now use the air on the high setting. Because it really does make a huge difference when it’s 115°F out whether the blower is on medium or high.

I decided to give it a whirl, and happily, it blew on high just perfectly, with no weird whirring sound. Then I realized that must have been why it was whirring to begin with, because one or two little fins must have been broken all that time ago. And when it was on high, they would rub against the side, causing a whirring sound. As more fins broke, it started to cause a problem even on medium and low setting, until finally it stopped working altogether.

It is so wonderful to have cold air again, blowing on high. That and my window rolling down.  It really does make driving my car much more enjoyable.

What are you happy for today?

Yours Truly,

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