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Car Finance Negotiations Can Be Fun with the Right Prep

Does the thought of going head-to-head in negotiations with a seasoned car finance provider give you sweaty palms and the cold shakes? Some people love it, it’s like an extreme sport they just can’t get enough of. The adrenaline is intoxicating. But those people are few and far between, and for most of us, negotiating your financial future with experts in their field can melt even the most hardened characters. But with a little preparation and some basic tactics for… Read the rest

Positively Influence Your Auto Premiums with These Factors

While shopping for car insurance, you might have noticed that there are a lot of factors insurers take into account before estimating a policy premium. Some of these factors likely to influence your rate and are sadly out of your hands. These factors include a record of prior claims, your gender and your age. Despite these fixed factors, there’s a lot you can do to lower your rates. After all, the choices we make have more influence than we may… Read the rest
Honda Civic

How I Decided to Buy a Brand New 2014 Honda Civic Part 2

This is part two of a two part story on how I decided to buy a brand new car. When I left off yesterday, I was more confused after testing driving three different cars. But I kept learning things about the Honda Civic that I liked so finally made my decision. With that out of the way, the next step was deciding whether I should buy used or new.  Since the price of 2-3 year old Civic was not much… Read the rest