I Can Finally Roll Down My Window

Surprise from my hubby… back when he fixed the air conditioning on my vehicle… he bought another part that I’ve been doing without for more than a year.  His reasoning was we would have paid $110 for the blower assembly new, and since we saved $80, and since he was already at the junk yard… wouldn’t hurt to ask about it.

It’s the rolling down mechanism for the driver’s side window. I have been driving my vehicle for a very long time without the ability to roll down the driver’s side window. It’s difficult to go through any drive thru (bank, pharmacy, fast food) because I have to drive up and then crack open the door, lean out and apologize to the person, “Sorry, my window doesn’t roll down.” Or say someone comes up to my vehicle when I’m leaving someplace, like church or work. They lean in to the window, expecting me to roll it down, and I can’t. Motioning to them to back away, I then open the door. They step back, wondering why I’m getting out but instead I explain, “Sorry, my window doesn’t roll down.”

I’ve had nightmares about what to do if I got pulled over, especially during the week the glovebox was not where it belonged, populated with its important papers, so that I could “tap” on the air conditioner blower motor. “I’m sorry, Officer,” having rolled down the rear driver side window and throwing my voice, “but my window doesn’t go down. Oh, my vehicle registration and insurance paperwork? I’m so sorry but the glovebox is in the back of the vehicle, I’m going to have to get out and find it for you.”

Then there’s the flies… the flies which love riding with me on the driver’s side, buzzing about my head and ears and creeping along the crack where the window would open, if only it would roll down like it should. We keep all the windows up to avoid flies entering the vehicle, but at certain times of the year (mostly when the farmer in the field across the way allows the melons to go rotten several times each year) they are just everywhere and invariably one or two or a dozen fly in while I’m entering my vehicle.

It’s hard to justify spending money when we have so much debt, it just makes me feel sick sometimes.  There are so many things around here that need to be fixed, that don’t get fixed because it’s easier to rationalize that we can live without it being fixed, so we can put the money toward our debt. For example, my bathtub has a hole in it.  You’ll never guess how it happened. One day, Mr. A was clearing out my tub (I have a bad habit of stacking boxes or extraneous items in my bathtub) as a surprise for me since he knew I’d had a bad day at work.  He knows that sometimes I am soothed by a warm bubble bath. During the process of taking them out, he found a spider running around. We don’t mind Daddy Long Leg spiders, but this was a little brown one. So the nearest thing he could find with which to slay it was a plastic hanger. Not a metal hanger, mind you, a PLASTIC hanger. He began tapping at the spider, trying to kill it, and the next thing there was a dime-dized hole in the lining of the bathtub.  Apparently some bathtubs are made of very thin plastic, and can be broken more easily than you would ever imagine. I’m just glad it didn’t happen while I was in it with a tub full of water. Apparently the hole can be temporarily repaired and will cost about $20, but I don’t need to take a bath THAT bad, my shower works just fine, so it remains unfixed.

I could list a bunch of other similar things, but I won’t bore you with the details.  I guess the bottom line is it makes life less enjoyable having credit card debt.

But I am very excited about having my window fixed. I could have gone on without it being repaired, but it is very nice and was a thoughtful gesture on my hubby’s part which I appreciate very much.

Yours Truly,

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4 thoughts on “I Can Finally Roll Down My Window

  1. My husband’s old car had the same problem with the driver side window and we never did fix it. He dealt it with for several years until we got rid of the car. If that ever happens again, now I know we can get the part at a junk yard!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Yes, wrecking yards are lovely places for that sort of thing. Parts can also be found online but then of course you have to pay for shipping. I was willing to live with not having my window roll down, but it was a pain so I’m so grateful Mr. A decided to fix it for me. 🙂 Thank you for visiting and commenting!


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