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Yesterday morning was hair cutting day around the Accountability household.  Big A has alopecia, so he has been bald several years. Actually, he started losing his hair in chunks when he was two years old, and he now is dead certain that I shaved off his hair and that’s why he’s bald. He at times will get very upset with me over the fact that I took his hair.  On hair cutting days, he laughs heartily, hoping I’ll do the same to his pop or his brother.  We did buy him a wig, but it’s uncomfortable so he has rarely worn it.

I started cutting Mr. A’s hair years ago, and I’ve always cut the boys’ hair. Mr. A has curly thick hair, so it’s pretty easy to cut – I mean… if I make a mistake, it’s easily hidden in the thickness.  AJ’s hair is just like mine.  Naturally straight as a board, so less room for error on his head.

I have only used the clippers throughout the years for shaping the back of the hair, the sideburn area, and shaving the neck hairs.  About a month ago, I got a little bit more ambitious and since AJ wanted a closer cut at the back, I put on the No. 4 which is the 1/2″ guard.  It worked out GREAT. Much better than I am able to do with the scissors. Then I tried out the left and right ear guards, and that worked out pretty nicely, too.

Yesterday morning, I asked Mr. A if he would let me try using the 1/2″ guard on the back of his hair (haha – he won’t see it all the time if I mess up, lol) and at first he didn’t want me to.  But I begged him to let me try and told him we could always shave it down shorter (haha) and then said I was just kidding and I promised it would be okay. Then I told him it will grow out fast. He didn’t feel too comforted by that, but finally he agreed to let me try. I was happy with the results.

My clippers are really old, like fifteen years old (I’ve had them sharpened once, and several teeth are missing) and now that I’ve learned how nice the guards are to work with, I would love to get this set:  Wahl 79524-1001 Deluxe Chrome Pro with Multi-Cut Clipper & Trimmer.

I also would like to look at some more haircutting books. I already own Home Haircutting Made Easy and I found this one Simple Guide to Home Haircutting at PaperBookSwap and put in a request for it.

I wish I could go to the public library but I am notorious for not getting the books back on time, thus incurring fines such that it is less expensive for me to just buy them used!

I should also check out some online sites for cutting hair. It never hurts to study up on these things.

Have a great day!

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3 thoughts on “Learn to Cut Hair – Save Money

  1. Hi there! if i were you I would just watch you tube videos and get that great trimmer from amazon.I dont think you need a book. you think you really need?


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hello Chicky!! Nice to hear from you! That is a great idea to watch YouTube videos! Although I have to say that I have found my hair cutting book to be very helpful since the pictures are step by step and helpful to just glance over at what I’m doing. Still, it can’t hurt to view videos for more information. Thank you so much!! Thanks for visiting and commenting! I hope you are doing well!


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