Help Me Find A New Mop, Please

I wish I could find a mop that I love. Seriously. The ones I have used are awful.

My most recent experiment was the heavy duty mop from Costco.  The mop handle is heavy duty and the mop head is huge.

Cotton Mop Head

Only I don’t have one of those commercial mop wringer things. I tried wringing it out in the sink.  When I first got it wet, it wasn’t so bad.  I had to wring out a few strands at a time. But after mopping half the floor, it was pretty grungy looking, so then I was rinsing a dirty mop in the kitchen sink, then trying to wring out a few strands at a time. Yuck. We’d tried this mop in the past, but this time AJ wanted to try one because he uses one at his job. Only at his job, of course they have a mop wringer. No one is trying to wring the mop with their hands.
Mop Wringer Bucket

If I invest in the commercial wringer, there’s the issue of where to put it. I don’t have THAT much area to mop. One small kitchen and one small bathroom.  The rest of the place has carpet, including my master bathroom. So I don’t need to do that much mopping. Currently I’m just using a dishrag that I’ve gotten wet, tossed on the floor and just push around with my foot.

Before the big headed mop, I had another mop from Costco. An O Cedar Pro-Scrub Mop. I can’t find an image of it, but it took this refill head, the mop handle is red. I actually still have it, but the sponge thing broke right off the part that attached it to the mop. Usually Costco has really good quality stuff, but so far my experience with mops hasn’t been too good.
O Cedar Pro-Scrub Mop Refill

I did find a really great broom from Costco, and I want to buy another one for my milking parlor.  It’s a lot easier to keep it clean if I sweep regularly.

Before those two, I’ve tried the kind of sponge mop that you pull on a handle and some rollers squeeze the sponge together in the middle but the sponge didn’t seem to last too long. I guess this is probably the type that works the best for me. Only the ones I bought were from Walmart and really cheapy ones.

Maybe I should buy this one I’m linking to at Amazon.  One review, and the person says they had this mop for 15 years. Hmmm… maybe this is the one I’ll try next. Oh, this one also has a ten year warranty. Wow.  Nice. Mother’s Day is coming up, as is my birthday.  Maybe I’ll splurge on a mop. 😉Sponge Mop

Okay, these look really interesting: Evriholder Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers. They’re for dusting, not mopping, but I wonder if they would be comfy to wear as slippers? Seriously, with my sad sore feet, I have to wear shoes every time I put my feet on the floor. Regular slippers, well, from Walmart or Target have no padding in them. I don’t know how I ever used to wear shoes without any padding! If you have an suggestions for slippers with thick padding, I’m all ears! As it is now, I have to put on my casual men’s wear shoes just to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Dusting Slippers

My boss bought one of thoseShark Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop for her daughter for Christmas. I just don’t think I want to invest THAT much money in a mop. If my whole house needed mopping, maybe, but that’s not my situation.

I’ve tried this Libman Wonder Mop before. The strands are too light and there’s no cleaning power to them. Libman Wonder Mop

So my question to you today: What is your favorite mop? Do you have a favorite that has lasted for years?  What do you think about the steam mops?

Thanks for your help.

Mrs. Accountability

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3 thoughts on “Help Me Find A New Mop, Please

  1. I recently bought a mop I love. It is the Casabella Magnet Mop 2. I have children with health issues and tried this mop because you don’t use chemicals with it, just water. I was skeptical. I bought it to try anyway because I thought “all mops suck anyways, I might as well give it a try.” The head, which is sponge covered with microfiber, velcros on and stays in place well, but can be removed and thrown it the washing machine. Also instead of pushing dirty water around like most mops, this one absorbs the water and leaves my floor cleaner than it ever got with chemicals either by mop or hands and knees with a rag. I haven’t had to replace the head yet so I’m not sure how much they cost. I bought the mop at a discount store and think I payed less than $15.00 for it, but the website lists them at $29.99.
    Good luck with your search.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Oooh, discount store bargain. Love it. I will look out for this one and see what I think about it. How long have you used yours? It seems to be holding up pretty good so far? Thanks for sharing, Susan! I like the idea of throwing the head into the washing machine.


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