Thank Goodness for Triple A

AJ had car trouble on Wednesday night after Bible study.  He was on his way home, making a left hand turn and the engine died.  It wouldn’t start right away, but finally he got it to turn over and was able to move to a supermarket parking lot.  It stalled again, and he couldn’t get it started. He called home to let Mr. A and I know he was having trouble, and Mr. A asked if he wanted him to come down and tow him home.  I muttered from my side of the bed to call AAA.

The last two times we’ve called AAA, they have been very prompt. Unfortunately for AJ (who had to be up at 4am to go to work the next morning) they didn’t show up for three hours.  AJ finally got into the house at 1am.

While I’m not happy that it took so long for them to show up this time, it was still easier to not have to worry about driving into town, and trying to tow a vehicle forty miles with a chain. Have you ever tried towing another vehicle? It takes a bit of skill, and it’s not the funnest thing in the world. I wouldn’t have had to be involved, it would have been Mr. A and AJ, but I am glad we decided to keep paying for AAA.

It costs $188 a year for the three of us to get towing. At first I was the only one with AAA coverage, because Mr. A doesn’t like paying for something he doesn’t think we’ll be using.  But I finally talked him into letting me put all three of us on the policy. Each of us is eligible for four tows each, so twelve tows in a year. Which we hopefully will never need to use that many!! But we do have two 1996 vehicles and travel long distances from home on a regular basis.

Do you use Triple A?  Or do you count on your towing package that comes with your auto insurance?

Mrs. Accountability

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