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I don’t get to do much bargain shopping anymore, so bear with me while I brag!

One of my coworkers told me yesterday about American Discount Foods in Mesa, Arizona.  It’s a little out of my way but she raved about such great deals that I just had to stop by and check it out yesterday afternoon.

A few of the things she mentioned were Lean Cuisines, 2 for $3.00. She likes going on her “Lean Cuisine” diet every few months, so she was excited to see those. She said she got five POUNDS of butter, $0.89/pound, apples $0.49/pound, containers of deli meat, $1.99.  I was thinking, Wow!

I’m not a fan of Lean Cuisine – have never bought or tasted the stuff, but we do use butter.  When I first got in the store, I saw that the “pounds” of butter were actually 8 ounced containers of creamed butter. The containers of deli meat were the 7 ounce ones.  So at first I was little bit discouraged, hoping I hadn’t gone out of my way for nothing. But as I walked through the store, I realized that she had mentioned the things that she found to be excellent deals.  She is more of a heat-it-up-for-dinner person, so that makes sense.

American Discount Foods is having their 11 year anniversary (at this same place, I wonder?) so they were having an eleven cent blowout sale.  It’s pretty much a scratch and dent type store, but they also carry vegetables and fruit, frozen foods and meats, dairy products, etc.

I’ll start with the ELEVEN CENT deals that I found.  Pillsbury Pie Crusts, 2 crusts for a 9-inch pie. Limit 4 – I bought only two.  Don’t ask me why I didn’t buy four!

Pillsbury Pie Crusts

#10 can of nacho sliced jalapenos.  Once I open the can I’ll portion out the jalapenos into baggies and freeze them for later use. Limit 1. I looked over the cans carefully, trying to find the least dented one, and found this one in perfect shape, not even one dent!

#10 Can Sliced Jalapenos

#10 can of sliced black olives. ELEVEN CENTS. NUMBER TEN CAN.  THE HUGE COMMERCIAL RESTAURANT SIZED CAN. WhooT! These will be frozen in smaller portions once the can is opened. Limit 1. Again I looked carefully and this can just had one moderate dent near the top. Also, you have to make sure the top of the can isn’t swollen, or this could mean the food has gone bad inside.

#10 Can Sliced Black Olives

Next Super Rope red licorice. 11 cents for each strand, limit of four. I know, I know. Junk. But nostalgic junk, okay?  My grandma used to bring these over for me and my siblings. I loved them. Hated black licorice, but loved these.

11 Cent Red Rope Licorice

Okay, this was TOTALLY an impulse buy, so just sue me for wasting ELEVEN cents. What the heck are Wild Caperberries?  This is an awfully big jar of them, whatever they are. I think the limit on these was four.

Wild Caperberries

Lookee here:  15.8 ounces of Roland’s Wild Caperberries, $7.95. I got a 64 ounce jar for ELEVEN CENTS.  Okay now I have to figure out how we can use them.  This site indicates they are a “Gourmet Product” well, lah-dee-dah. AJ and I tried one, they weren’t too bad. Just what to do with them?


There were other 11 cent specials, like 12 ounce bottles of milk, health bars, candy bars, and others.

On to my other deals. We prefer real cheese to processed, but this was too good a deal to pass up. Mr. A has been taking sandwiches to work a lot, and he loves this stuff anyway. $7.99 for 5 pounds.  That’s $1.59/pound. Well within the expiration date, too! This type of cheese also freezes up nicely. I’ve already divided it up into four sections and have three in the freezer.

5# Swiss American Cheese

Sara Lee Pumpkin Pie.  $0.99. AJ put this one in the oven shortly after I got home so we could have it for dessert. They also had cherry, and two types of apple pie.

Pumpkin Pie

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat Linguini, 99 cents a package. Less than a 16 ounce package, I think 13 ounces.  But still, good price for whole wheat. We all eat less pasta when it’s whole wheat, it seems to be more filling, so I have stopped buying the regular semolina, even though it is often less expensive.

Whole Wheat Linguini

Pam Non-Cooking Spray. AJ is insisting we buy this product again, and these were $1.69/can.  I haven’t bought this from the store in such a long time, I think this is a good price (cheaper even than store brand which is what we usually buy).

Pam Non-Cooking Spray

Gotta have some of Stephany’s All Natural Truffle Collection. $1.99 for eight ounces.

Truffle Collection

I loved this star shaped shallow bowl, half price of the tag, so $1.25. I love oval shaped plates and bowls, and unique shaped bowls. This is a smaller sized bowl, so it will help with portion control.

Star Bowl

These plates by Oneida were two for $0.49!  They are medium sized dinner plates. I’ve been making a point to serve my dinner on these smaller sized plates as I tend to fill the regular sized plates with too much food. And of course I graduated from the “Clean Plate Club” as a child, so baby if it’s on my plate, it’s mine, all mine, and it’s going down. Funny thing is, when I was a kid, I thought this was torture to be forced to clean my plate, but now as an adult I can’t seem to disengage from the practice. So, a smaller plate it is.

They have lots of restaurant dishes, and restaurant type stuff at American Discount Foods. Also, janitorial stuff, like toilet seat covers and soap dispensers and soap and mop heads.

Small Dinner Plates

And the grand finale!! A mop!! For only $3.99!! Can’t beat that!!

Butterfly Mop

Then I found these mophead replacements, they fit on the new mop, only $0.69 each!!  Hopefully the mop holds up for five years, like it says it should.

Butterfly Mopheads

Also, I bought 3 red onions, I think they were 25 cents a pound, and two heads of iceberg lettuce which were 49 cents a head.  A twelve pack of hamburger buns for $1.99.

I think that’s about it.  I ended up spending $38.  Well, actually it was $35 something because the cashier charged me full price for the jalapenos.  I told him about it and he said he didn’t think they were eleven cents, and I told him the sign said they were. So he asked the cashier next to him and the other guy says, “Yeah, didn’t you know?” So then my cashier had to give money back to me.

I found some pretty good deals.  I don’t know when I’ll go back, but I will definitely keep them in mind. They had a lot of dented canned goods, which I am not afraid to buy or use, but they were not discounted that much. For example, I saw a can of refried beans for $0.79.  I’m pretty sure I can get those on sale for less, or maybe that price from Food City.

OH, by the way, if you are in the local area, the map at the website is upside down.  You know how maps are supposed to be north pointing up?  I was all confused trying to find this place, and had to call them for directions when I was a couple miles away.

Awesome deals, huh?? Whooooo!!

Mrs. Accountability

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6 thoughts on “American Discount Foods

  1. Sometimes the cashiers wont know certain deals, so it helps to remind them. I know I have forgotten about some of the crazy deals we have, or I have been working in the back and not made aware of sales. But do come back! Our prices cant be beat!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Nathan, hi, thanks for stopping by and visiting. I have been shopping at your store again lately and have been getting to spin the wheel every time! I’ve only won $1 and $2 off, but hoping for a $25 one of these weeks. 🙂


  2. I think most of your canned goods are priced exceptionally high. Most cans are dented and can be found in retail stores for the same or less especially if on sale and/or with a coupon and in the retail stores they are not expired.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Dianne, you know what, I have to say I do agree with that assessment. I usually shop American Discount Foods for the fresh vegetables and sometimes for meat. I have not bought many of their canned goods, if any. Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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