Lovely Mother’s Day

Yesterday was a very lovely day. I was out in the garden puttering around by 5:15. On the days I’m home I always check my garden early in the morning. It is especially important when I have squash growing because I always hand pollinate due to limited bee activity.  I was telling my mother-in-law about hand pollinating and she’d never heard of such a thing.  Some flowers are “perfect” and contain both male (stamen) and female (pistils) parts. Squash are considered “imperfect” because they have either male or females part. If the pollen from the male flower doesn’t make it to the female flower’s reproductive parts, the baby squash will shrivel up and die. So to get the most from my squash plants, I make a point to hand pollinate whenever I can. The flowers are only open for a few hours during the cool hours of the early morning, once they close, it’s too late for pollinating.

Scallop Squash Blossom

I brought several blossoms in and sauteed them in butter and had them with my scrambled eggs.  They are a delicacy, since squash blossoms are very fragile and don’t last long, most people have never had the opportunity to try them. Here they are soaking in a bowl of water so as to keep them fresh a little bit longer.

Squash Blossoms

I had scrambled eggs alongside my squash blossoms and some freshly squeezed (free) pink grapefruit juice.

Mother's Day Breakfast

My darling husband bought me a pair of ruby earrings that were discounted by 70% and cost $13.00. Way to go, Mr. A! You can see my new earrings in the photo below, as well as my new glasses, which I am very pleased with!

I wore my Zenni Optical “clear burgundy” $12.95 glasses (which are actually more “ruby red” if you ask me) to church because they matched my outfit, and plus I wanted to share with folks my great frugal find.

New Glasses and Ruby Earrings

On the way to church I called my mom and mother-in-law. After church one of sisters called me and after I talked to her I called another of my sisters. Then after dinner, yet another sister called to see how my day went.

AJ made cheese enchiladas for dinner, with refried beans and rice on the side, it was muy delicioso.

Cheese Enchiladas

Big A painted a picture for me, with different colored balloons and a heart with glitter on it.

To Mom, From Big A

How was your Mother’s Day?  If you’re a mom, tell me how your day went. If you’re a dad with kids, did you make her day fantastic?  Did you call your mom and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day?

Mrs. Accountability

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3 thoughts on “Lovely Mother’s Day

  1. My mother passed away 7 years ago but my in-laws came over and we gave my m-in-law a card and a necklace.

    I got a card and 2 packages of organic cookie mix from my Eldest Daughter and the 2 little girls.

    Dear Child (age 6) painted a heart shaped picture frame at a birthday party she attended. (Major kudos to the mother who had 15 kids over for a party on Mother’s Day *and* planned an activity that the kids would then give to their mothers!)

    Younger son took me to see Star Trek in the evening (way cool)!

    Number One son phoned and talked to me for an hour.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Shevy, I’m sorry for the loss of your mom. It sounds like you had a great day though, and the Star Trek movie looks like one I want to see at the theatres. Thanks for sharing!! Mrs. A


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