What I Brought Home from HomeGoods

Review: Shopping at HomeGoods – Holiday Gifts Under $25

I was lucky enough to be chosen to go on a $25 spending spree at HomeGoods, courtesy of HomeGoods and BlogHer Publishing Network.

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I’ve never been to HomeGoods before; actually before BlogHer asked if I wanted a chance to shop there, I’d never heard of the place.  I’m glad that I was chosen for a gift card because otherwise I may have never known about this store.  I don’t shop a lot, and I don’t shop for a lot of gifts, so I don’t get out much to spend money. But now that I know about HomeGoods, I will be stopping there occasionally when I do need to find a gift for a friend or family member.

I missed my exit off the freeway and got a little bit lost.  Ironically, I’d decided to shop at Sprouts after I stopped at HomeGoods and I knew where the Sprouts was located.  I mean, I knew it was at Queen Creek and Alma School and if I was just going there I would have been fine.  But I did a Google Maps because HomeGoods doesn’t mention the cross streets, just the address.

When I finally got to HomeGoods, can you believe I found that Sprouts was RIGHT NEXT DOOR?  Seriously.

As I walked in the store, I was reminded of the housewares section of Ross Dress for Less minus the clothing.  HomeGoods has a huge selection and variety of “home goods”.  Just about anything you want, you can find it there.

The first thing that caught my eye were these luscious blanket that were so soft I almost snatched one up and put it in my cart to keep for myself. They were only $19.99 and oh, so soft.

Soft Wraparound Blanket

But I really wanted to have a good look around the store, and hopefully I could find something for my coworker whose name I pulled for the Secret Santa this year, or maybe my mom or something for me. Or maybe my husband, or my son. Or me.

My husband has been wanting two of those folding chairs that are made of aluminum and cloth.  You know how they fold up and then go into a slender bag and have a carrying strap?  I thought maybe I might find a couple of those and could buy them for him. So off I went to see what else the store had. I looked around this furniture area, where they had a lot of unique looking furniture.

Furniture at HomeGoods

When I came to this section, I thought of my son AJ, an ex-cook who still loves to cook:

Bakeware at HomeGoods

Or maybe a new pillow for Big A:

Pillows and Bedding at HomeGoods

Maybe I could buy something for my coworker who has the most adorable little five year old girl:

Pink Girl Toys at HomeGoods

Maybe this beautiful butterfly wall decoration for my Mom:

Butterfly Wall Decoration

Or maybe just something for me from one of the many CLEARANCE aisles throughout the store:

Clearance Aisles at HomeGoods

Maybe a new set of towels for me:

Towels at HomeGoods

And then I came across these… I was amazed. They have these huge rugs, some for as little as $149.99.

Rugs at HomeGoods

I called Mr. A when I saw this one for only $199.99. It is 10×13 and would cover most of our living room floor:

Black Rug with Flowers at HomeGoods

I was simply amazed at the selection in this store.  And the prices are reasonable, too! I thought of another of my coworkers when I saw these Italian cakes. She always brings one into the office during the holidays:

Italian Cake at HomeGoods

More specialty food to buy… wondering what food my Secret Santa coworker likes… hmmm… jams, jellies, maple syrups, Moose Munch, Biscotti, spiced fruit biscuits, pancake mix, biscuit mix, barbecue sauce, hot sauce, shortbread, tortilla chips …

Specialty Foods at HomeGoods

… chocolate coated sunflower seeds, organic vitamin C lollipops, Jelly Bellies jelly beans, Godiva chocolate, gumball machines, gumballs, English toffee, Lindt 70% cacao chocolate …

Specialty Foods at HomeGoods

… chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

Specialty Food at HomeGoods

And of course they had lots of Christmas decorations:

Christmas Decorations at HomeGoods

Christmas Decorations at HomeGoods

Christmas Decorations at HomeGoods

Father Christmas at HomeGoods

Christmas Decorations at HomeGoods

I spent a good hour in the store, trying to figure out how and on whom to spend my $25 gift card.  Maybe a picture:

Pictures for HomeGoods

Cowboy Boots Picture at HomeGoods

Pictures for HomeGoods

Pictures for HomeGoods

Pictures for HomeGoods

Or maybe I could buy a frame and put a picture in and give to my Mother-in-law… or maybe one of those adorable jewelry hangers on the top shelf.  Those were just too adorable.  I was very tempted to buy one for myself.

Pictures for HomeGoods

In the end, I decided to buy a dozen votive candles that were smokeless and dripless so that I can make several Jingle Bell Jars for family and friends, a beautiful box which I’m going to put on my bathroom sink, a pretty clipboard with a to do list to help myself stay organized, and several boxes of candy to use as stocking stuffers for my boys. I panicked, okay?  I wanted to find one beautiful thing for $25 but I couldn’t do it. In the end my “want to get more bang for my buck” tendency won out. 🙂

What I Brought Home from HomeGoods

Be sure to visit the BlogHer Exclusive Offers page to see what others spent their gift cards on, and also for a chance to win a gift card worth $100, and twenty gift cards worth $25, be sure to go there and enter to win!

Have you ever shopped at HomeGoods?   What do you like best about HomeGoods?

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5 thoughts on “Review: Shopping at HomeGoods – Holiday Gifts Under $25

  1. I love Home Goods, have one about 5 minutes from me in Florida. They have the best stuff and I probably visit the clearance sections weekly. I was just there yesterday and bought a few Christmas presents, and something for me too, Chocolate, yum!


  2. I had no idea that homegoods had all that stuff. I am a little upset that you didn’t even consider buying me chocolate! instead choosing to focus on your own family…selfish lol


  3. I really like the Home Goods store. They have an ecletic array of home decor. Though I had forgotten that they sell rugs, and I now desperately need a few for my new apartment. Thanks for that photo-it was a great reminder!


  4. Your photos are so very clear, and beautiful! I LOVE Home Goods, and have even traveled a bit to “visit” other ones. When my income was better, I bought two of the area rugs, now I just look for fun! : )


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