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Cartoon of Making Money

Why Can’t We Just Print More Money?

Did you ever wonder why countries or people for that matter, can’t just print more money? With today’s printers becoming so sophisticated, it’s a wonder more people don’t attempt it. Of course it’s illegal to print money so don’t go trying it. We were very poor when I was growing up. We were so poor we barely had enough food for meals, let alone any extra for eating at restaurants or fast food. I remember once my heart felt broken… Read the rest

Do You Gamble For Entertainment?

I’ve often said that I’m glad I’m not a gambling kind of person as it just so happens that I drive past four casinos on my way home from work each day.  The nearest one is less than 15 miles away from home and I know quite a few of my neighbors whose idea of a great evening is to put some money down on a few tables. Who knows, you could end up winning big! It does happen after… Read the rest

The Benefits of Saving

The following is a guest post. Whether you’re saving for a specific purchase, such as putting down the deposit on a house, or simply taking precautions and putting money aside for a rainy day, saving can help you achieve your goals and give you the financial nest egg you deserve.  Very few of us are in a position where we can buy or pay for everything we want outright. The two main choices when it comes to major purchases are… Read the rest
Dating Gingerbread Couple

Who Should Pay For The Date?

To tell you the truth, I have not dated much in my life.  The rule growing up was that I was not allowed to date until I was 16, but by that time I was living with a foster family who wouldn’t allow me to date, period, because they wanted me to marry their son.  Of course he always picked up the tab. Can you say #awkward? Decades ago it was so simple. The man always picked up the check,… Read the rest