Do You Gamble For Entertainment?

I’ve often said that I’m glad I’m not a gambling kind of person as it just so happens that I drive past four casinos on my way home from work each day.  The nearest one is less than 15 miles away from home and I know quite a few of my neighbors whose idea of a great evening is to put some money down on a few tables. Who knows, you could end up winning big! It does happen after all. It’s just important to remember that gambling should be thought of as a form of entertainment that should be regulated, both with the amount of time you spend gambling, and with the amount of money.

Flamingo riverboat in New Orleans, 1997. This ...
Flamingo riverboat in New Orleans, 1997. This gambling boat was docked by the Riverwalk and Hilton Hotel at the foot of Poydras Street while the permanent land based casino was under construction. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I relate gambling to drinking actually. It might sound a little funny, but think about it. When you head out with your friends and you drink a few beers at the bar, it can really be a fun time, can’t it? But, if you have a few too many drinks, the night can really go sour in a hurry, making for an incredibly unenjoyable evening (especially when you see the photos showing up on Facebook the next morning). Gambling is the same way, if you head out to the casino to have a good time and keep yourself under control, it can be incredibly enjoyable. Lose your cool though, and you could find yourself with some empty pockets and a lot of wasted time that you’ll never get back.

How to Keep Gambling Fun

First of all, you should never count on winning that big jackpot. If you do, you will just keep feeding that machine money until you do (or more likely, until you run out of money).

Free gambling is another way to keep your gambling fun.  There are online sites like where they let you gamble free or if you want to put some money down you’ll get free money to play with just for making an account.

‘ll tell you the method one of my neighbors shared that lets her have fun, satisfy the desire to gamble and still be responsible with her money. She would stick her driver’s license and a $20 bill into her back pocket. She left her purse and all other methods for getting money at home.  If she lost the $20, she’d leave and go home. She had no choice in the matter at that point – now if she’d had her debit card or credit cards on her, she could have visited the ATM and withdrawn more cash.

If she won, she would put $20 back in her pocket and then continue playing.  Sometimes she would play the $20 again, but sometimes she left with only that $20. I thought that was a good way to handle gambling, if that’s your idea of fun.  Me personally I just worry myself ragged, I know I’d do that, even with $20.  I’d feel like I was throwing money away.

Do you ever gamble?

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8 thoughts on “Do You Gamble For Entertainment?

  1. Y’know, that’s something I’ve never been able to understand. It must be something missing in my personality: for the life of me, I cannot figure out the appeal to gambling as “fun.”

    SDXB used to love to go to Vegas or Laughlin and diddle away money on the tables. I’d say to him that if I’m going to throw my money away, I’d rather throw it away on a nice silk blouse, thank you.

    Too, too bizarre.
    Funny about Money recently posted..A Budget for Retirement: Annual, not Monthly?My Profile


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Funny About Money” I know, I don’t find any form of gambling fun – I don’t like buying lottery tickets, scratch tickets, don’t like playing Bingo. I have a friend who finds Bingo relaxing! I can’t imagine. I’m too worried about the money I’m losing while everyone else is getting lucky and winning. 🙂


  2. I gamble for entertainment, but not in casinos. You know, those petty games of cards or sports betting with friends? It’s different with friends; we do it for pure fun. We end up spending the money on food and beverages afterwards anyway so it’s not really that alarming or serious even.
    Shane recently posted..College Student Debt (An Infographic) – Being Smart Costs Too Much!My Profile


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Shane, that actually sounds like fun, and especially if you just pool the money to go out and eat. I think that sounds like a great way to spend an evening, it makes simply going out to dinner boring. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  3. I do not gamble actually, but reading your post made me realize that you can do gambling responsibly. Sometimes its fine to treat yourself, relax, and do things like this, but you should know when to stop especially when you are losing a lot of money by gambling. It can be addicting, it will eat your money up! Right?


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Nik, yes it sure can eat up your money. I personally don’t find any joy in gambling, even lottery tickets! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Mrs. A


  4. Marvin, I just hopped over and read your about page. I think it’s that you stopped gambling at an early age, otherwise your life could be very different now. Some people find it impossible to stop once they get started, that can be a sad situation. I have heard about people whose lives were ruined by gambling and it just scares me. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Mrs. A


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