Seven Tips to Save Money at Home

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A penny saved is a penny earned. In today’s uncertain times, no matter how good your job and how secure your income stream, it pays to cut corners and save money. If nothing else, you could spend the money saved to splurge on something you really like. Here are seven ways to save money at home.

1. Opt for 4G Internet over Broadband

One easy way to save money at home is by opting for 4G instead of your broadband connection. Most mobile networks now offer 4G, with flexible plans, and speeds comparable with, and sometimes even exceeding broadband speeds. With a mobile hotspot device, a USB dongle, or even the latest smartphone offering tethering capabilities, 4G could make broadband redundant in your home. The flexibility and portability of 4G can spare you the cost to subscribe to mobile internet and broadband separately.

On a related note, take a close look at your phone bill. There are several attractive landline deals. However, with the internet already a given in today’s age, it pays to text or even uses voice calls options available with Whatsapp, Viber and other apps, as far as possible, cutting down on telephone expenses considerably.

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2. Pay Attention to your Energy Consumption

The gas and electricity bills for an average household is around £1,500 a year. Apart from the obvious solution of switching off lights, fan, air conditioning and heating when not required, you could also review the various plans offered by different providers, and opt for the most economic package offered by different providers in your area. Generally, long-term contracts come with the bait of a discounted tariff, but there is an inherent risk of gas prices falling in the meantime.

3. Cut Down on Your Water Usage

An average household spends £32 a month on the water bill. Having a free water installed to keep track of the spend, substituting showers for baths, and installing more efficient shower heads can reduce consumption of water and decrease your water bill by a significant amount, over time.

4. Make a Shopping List and Shop Judiciously

Being organized helps you to save considerable money. Avoid both the temptation and the situation of needing to rush to the grocery store or stop on the way home from work. Make a list, plan well in advance what you will need over the week. Plan a few meal options and include the ingredients in the list. Next, visit the local market stalls, where prices are generally lower, thanks to lower overheads. A visit to the supermarket may still be inevitable, but stick to the remaining items on the list, and resist the temptation to pick out anything else, no matter how tempting the offer.

Search for the best offers and discount coupons on the Internet before you set out for your weekly shopping.

5. End the Newspaper Subscription

Reading the morning newspaper is a habit. However, in today’s internet age, you could get the same information, and in many cases even the same newspaper, for free, through the internet. You could save the subscription to the daily newspaper when you already pay for the internet. Similarly, always think twice before buying a magazine or a book. The odds are that the same book or journal will be available as an e-book, at lesser costs, or even free.

6. Go DIY

Home repair bills can add up to a sizable sum. A significant chunk of the bill is the fees paid to plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and other technicians. DIY is a far better option, helping you save considerable money, and giving you a chance to involve yourself in a satisfying hobby at the same time.

For those who are challenged to such kind of work, a course at the local adult education college, for just £100, would familiarize you with skills required to tackle most household repairs. Still better, hundreds of DIY videos on YouTube and elsewhere offer you step-by-step instructions to do even the most complicated tasks.

7. Take a Close Look at the Home Insurance

Home insurance is not mandatory, and forsaking it altogether helps you save good money. However, this may not be a wise option, considering the dangers involved and the expenses it would entail if the eventuality of the risks covered by insurance comes to pass. The internet is your friend. Compare among the hundreds of available policies, and opt for the most cost-effective one, covering all the risks that your house is likely to face, at the lowest premium.

Success is not just about earning more. Saving money, especially by reducing waste is equally important. As the adage goes, take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of itself.


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