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Why Can’t We Just Print More Money?

Did you ever wonder why countries or people for that matter, can’t just print more money? With today’s printers becoming so sophisticated, it’s a wonder more people don’t attempt it. Of course it’s illegal to print money so don’t go trying it.

We were very poor when I was growing up. We were so poor we barely had enough food for meals, let alone any extra for eating at restaurants or fast food. I remember once my heart felt broken and I sobbed and cried because I wanted a Jack in the Box hamburger so badly. I can also recall reading the signs at the convenience stores that said “Money Orders Sold Here” and wondering why my mom didn’t buy a money order and write it out for the amount of money we needed. From the time my father abandoned us when I was just three years old until the time my mother remarried when I was nine, there were many times when we were desperately in need and writing out a money order seemed like a pretty good idea to me. I wondered the same thing about checks! I didn’t realize you have to have money in the bank to write a check or hand the cashier money plus change for a money order.

I obviously didn’t understand that we can’t produce money from nothing. If we could all print as much money as we needed it would lose value rapidly. It would become as valuable as Monopoly money, which the last time I checked was worth absolutely nothing. Check out this video which explains why we can’t just print more money.

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