My Frugal Valentine’s Day Gift From My Husband

This year Mr. A gave me a fantastic frugal gift for Valentine’s Day.  He set it up that he would be driving me in to work on Valentine’s Day, which I love because then I can relax on my hour long drive to work and crochet instead of fighting traffic.  So that in itself was a gift.  🙂

He has been watching out for culled lumber from Home Depot and has collected OOPS paint over the last few months.   Then he got up early on Tuesday morning and left the house before I was even awake setting up heart conversation signs along the way about three miles from our home.

We were on my way and about half a mile from home I noticed a sign on the side of the road.  Mr. A pulled over so we could read what it said and of course I recognized his handwriting immediately.  I had no idea there were six more signs along the way.   Each sign made my smile grow wider.  As we came upon each sign I took pictures with my camera and with my cell phone camera.   I sent pictures to my mom and mother-in-law and they both thought it was so romantic and sweet.

This was a very big surprise for me because we had both agreed to celebrate Valentine’s Day today (Friday).  I like to make a special meal and since I had to work that day I wouldn’t have time.  So I had no idea at all that he was planning this.  And I’m usually hard to surprise!

What did you and your sweetheart do for Valentine’s Day?

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