Heart Throw and Pillow

Happy Valentine’s Day Out There To All You Sweethearts!

Heart Throw and PillowFor many years I didn’t care much for Valentine’s Day.  It’s just another day of the year, and Hallmark has blown it out of proportion with five dollars cards and flowers everywhere.

Anyway, since my hubby and I reconciled and remarried three years ago, I have found that I want to celebrate the holiday with him.  Last year I told a story of something that may or may not have happened for Valentine’s Day, and in 2009 I shared my recipe for Valentine’s Day Hearts Soup and showed you pictures of the dark chocolate truffles I’d made, along with the upside down cheesecakes decorated with hearts.

My husband loves to buy jewelry for me, but as we are in a bit of a money crunch this year, we agreed that jewelry purchases were off the table. He did buy me a few little items and a beautiful card.  I bought him a card, some sexy boxers and some heart peeps.

We also decided to go to a movie at a dollar theatre in town (yesterday).  Although they still call themselves a “dollar” theatre, the tickets are now $3, but that is still a good savings when you consider we spent $6 for two people to see the movie. I had watched Unstoppable with Denzel Washington a few months ago with a friend of mine who works at AMC Theatres, and I really enjoyed it. I wanted Mr. A to see it with me, as I think it is one of those movies you need to experience on the big screen. I never got the see The Matrix on the big screen, and I wish I had. It remains one of my favorite movies.

We went to the movie yesterday, because Mr. A needed to work today. After the movie, we went to my mom’s house to replace one of the burners on her stove. I also took my momma a cute Valentine’s Day card, and a bouquet of tulips (only $5.99!).

Tonight I’m planning a romantic dinner with Top Sirloin steak that was on sale for $2.99 for the family pack.  I’m also making mushrooms sauteed in butter, with asparagus and a salad.  I’ll have pretty candles on the table, and for dessert I’m making chocolate cookies in heart shapes topped with peanut butter frosting.

Here are some great posts I found over the weekend:

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day is my favorite day because i remember that day when i answer my bf wooed me ..Thank you for sharing this nice blog..


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