Review: EasyAzon WordPress Plug-In for Amazon Affiliates

Most of you are aware that I am an Amazon affiliate and a good number of you are also bloggers, so I thought I would share this product in case you are also an Amazon Affiliate, as I have found EasyAzon to be extremely helpful.

I am fairly conservative about spending money on products to help me blog, so it is unusual for me to buy a product such as this since I have a frugal nature to begin with; however, I am very pleased I bought this product.  I love it!

I have been an Amazon affiliate for several years now, and I’ve read many posts on how to be a successful Amazon Affiliate.  One piece of advice that is repeated states you must create plenty of links to Amazon products in your posts.  Here’s one that I haven’t heard anywhere else:  You will be more successful if it just so happens that the items you are reviewing/linking to are more expensive.  Take Problogger, for example.  He has a photography blog and typically photography equipment, like cameras, lenses, etc., tend to be more higher in cost, so you would make substantially more.  Eventually, whether you blog about and review or link to high dollar items or not, if you link to enough items, you will begin to earn some income from these links that you’ve embedded in your posts.  It does take time, so if you are planning to incorporate Amazon Affiliates as an income stream you should get started, the sooner the better.

I admit one of the things that held me back in adding more Amazon links to my site was the extra time necessary to embed links.  The steps that need to be taken (when you don’t have EasyAzon) are as follows:

  1. Open a new tab.
  2. Log into Amazon.
  3. Find the product I want to link.
  4. Select whether I wanted text only, images, etc.
  5. Type in the text.
  6. Copy the information.
  7. Paste into the blog post.

If you want to use an image, then there are several more steps to take.  The process was even more lengthy before the Amazon Associates Site Stripe became available.  Using the Site Stripe greatly improved the process, admittedly, but it was an additional series of steps that had to be taken.

A few months ago I found the EasyAzon Amazon WordPress Plugin.  I watched the informational video and decided to invest in it, especially since they do offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Also remember, if you are treating your blog as a business, this tool is a deductible business expense.

I installed the plugin, and started to use it that same day.  I’m sure you are familiar with your WordPress Dashboard as you are writing your blog post.  EasyAzon shows up below your post – depending on the products you are already using, it might be a few inches below.  Mine was under All In One SEO pack, so I moved Easy Azon up by holding onto it with my mouse and dragging it into position. Now it is simple to insert affiliate links.

A suggestion by successful bloggers is to use images in your posts.  Where to find an image?  Well, you could use one of the free image sites, or… you could use an Amazon image which links to a product which could potentially end up as a purchase.  How easy is that?  Instead of having to search the world over for a free photo, just link to one at Amazon. 🙂  Once your visitor has clicked over to Amazon, even if they do not make a purchase right away, your affiliate code remains in their browser cache for 24 hours and you would still get credit for their purchase even if they bought something the next day.

How It Works

Let me share an example.  If I were blogging today about collecting two dollar bills, I could include a photo of two dollar bills, as I have to the left of this paragraph. With EasyAzon, I can choose to insert an image link, right, left or center, in varying sizes, I can insert a text link, or an info block.  Here is a screenshot of what it looks like below my post area.  You can see the bottom of the post area, the word count and the time the last draft was saved. Then immediately below I have the EasyAzon Amazon Search box.  I enter search keywords or the ASIN and hit enter or click on the button that says “Search Amazon”.  Two Dollar Bills

Ten items including the keywords I’ve used come right up.  No moving to another tab in my browser, no logging in, no cut and paste.  Simple.  To the right hand side under actions I have three choices to choose from in how I want to insert my link.

Maybe I want to insert an image of a book I’m reviewing, maybe Two Dollar Bill by Stuart Woods.  Enter keywords and EasyAzon comes up with ten items.  I admit, sometimes I do still go to Amazon to find something specific, if EasyAzon doesn’t bring it up for me, but more often than not, exactly what I’m looking for shows up within the first few options.  It helps to narrow down exactly what you are looking for if you use more keywords.  When I do visit Amazon to find something exact, I then use the ASIN to narrow down within EasyAzon.

Clicking on any of the “Actions” allows me to make a few choices as to size or the text, and then I just click enter and the link is embedded in my post.

Here is a large image link:

This one is medium:

This one is small:

I have become quite taken with the Info Block option:

Something else that an old hand HTML coder appreciates is the simplicity of the html code with EasyAzon.  Nice and clean.

A couple of things that I learned in reviewing the product video again:

  1. EasyAzon has the ability to convert product links for visitors coming from outside the United States.  That is pretty cool!
  2. If you have multiple content writers for your blog, EasyAzon makes it easy for your writers to insert links without you having to go in and do that later.
  3. Existing customers receive free updates for life!
  4. Unlimited site license – “Use the Easy Azon WordPress plugin on as many sites as you want.”

How EasyAzon Has Helped Me Personally

I began using EasyAzon on June 22, 2011, just under six months ago.  Here are my quarterly Amazon earnings for each quarter in 2011:

  • Quarter 1 $71.95
  • Quarter 2 $64.21
  • Quarter 3 $101.60 I began using EasyAzon in the first month of this quarter
  • Quarter 4  $138.49

See for yourself the jump in affiliate earnings from Quarters 1 and 2 compared with Quarters 3 and 4.  I’ve been using the plugin a lot more in my recent posts, and also in older posts where I can find an appropriate product.

I know several of my readers are using my Amazon search box to click through, and for that I want to give a heartfelt thank you!  But I can see by my Earnings Report at Amazon Affiliates that many of my sales are for items I have reviewed and/or simply linked to from blog posts here at Out of Debt Again.  Just today I earned affiliate revenue for a shoe tree which I reviewed last year.

As I mentioned earlier, it takes time and patience to build your Amazon Affiliates income.  This is the first year I’ve done so well, and I have been an affiliate since 2008.  Remember that typically affiliate earnings tend to increase over time, and I will definitely be adding links to my older posts as I have a few moments here or there. I’m excited and looking forward to my earnings in 2012.

Happy Blogging!

Please note: I am no longer an affiliate for EasyAzon. The reason is because of the affiliate program used for this product is Clickbank.

I typically do not get a lot of people using my affiliate links, and one person bought using my link.  Thank you for whoever you were. I earned $16.60.  However, Clickbank requires that I have meet two requirements in order to be paid:  1. I must have at least five sales and each much use a different credit card AND 2. There must be sales from two different card companies such as VISA and Mastercard.  PayPal purchases do not count toward this requirement.  After 90 days Clickbank begins to take $1.00 every “pay period” which is every two weeks.  So my $16.61 has dwindled down to $12.61.  They will continue to steal my commission until there is nothing left.  This is ridiculous.

If you choose to purchase this product using my link, I will receive an affiliate fee for your purchase.  I would encourage you to try this product if you are interested in earning income from Amazon Affiliates.  While you can insert the links manually, the ease with which you can ad links with EasyAzon makes it so simple that you will find yourself adding links much more often with your posts, and not to mention adding in links for your older posts. And remember, there is a 60 day money back guarantee so you can only win in trying it out!




OUT OF DEBT AGAIN is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to AMAZON.COM. OUT OF DEBT AGAIN is an affiliate for several companies and may be compensated through advertising and marketing channels. This post may contain affiliate links.

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