Book Review: 101 Ways to Really Satisfy Your Customers

101 Ways to Really Satisfy Your Customers :
How to Keep Your Customers and Attract New Ones by Andrew Griffiths

Being that I’m forty-something, I remember what customer service used to be like. I remember what it was like to make a call to the manager with a complaint, or write a letter of complaint. You got some action, right away! That has changed dramatically in the last ten years.

Reading 101 Ways to Really Satisfy Your Customers mostly confirmed what I already know about excellent customer service. I like reading books that share examples that the author has been through, and this book had plenty of them. It actually made me feel better, knowing I’m not alone in my frustration!

The 101 tips are divided into chapters like Understanding your customers, Telephone customer service, Face-to-Face customer service, and When things go wrong, just to name a few.

Mr. Griffiths also includes some blank forms at the end of the book, like Competitor Analysis Form, and Customer service audit checklist.

One of my favorite tips was #55: Answer the phone with a positive attitude. I am much more inclined to do business with a company whose person answering the phone has a positive attitude versus one whose tone implies that my business isn’t welcome.

This was a great book, I highly recommend it if your company depends on customer service relations, and really, what business doesn’t?

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