Best Storage Rack for Shoes

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to store my shoes and there are so many kinds of storage racks, I was really amazed.

Now, before you get the impression that I’m one of those ladies who owns dozens of pairs of shoes, I’m not, but I do own about ten pairs of shoes.  And to be honest, since my feet healed and I discovered there are actually comfortable heels available I’ve been thinking about buying a couple more pair of dress shoes.

Right now I store my shoes in a Pocket Over the Door Shoe Organizer which holds ten pair of shoes.

While it’s meant to hang over the door, Mr. A hung it on the wall because we don’t like the idea of putting extra weight on doors.  I have seen doors break off the hinges (it happened to my sister more than once) so I don’t put anything on doors.

This shoe rack is working for now, but I am really looking for something more permanent.

If I had a big walk in closet, I consider owning this next one called Storage Chest Roller Closet Cube.  Isn’t that cool?  It holds twenty four pairs of shoes. While I don’t see myself ever owning two dozen pairs of shoes, the little cubby holes could be used to store other items.  Like my matching purses. Heh. Not.

This Household Essentials Revolving 4-Tier Shoe Tree might fit in the corner of my bedroom, and would also hold 24 shoes.  Again, I probably don’t need to house that many shoes, although perhaps we could put Mr. A’s shoes up there.  No wait.  He mostly wear steel toed boots. This rack probably wouldn’t be able to withstand those heavy work boots. Besides it would probably look funny with big dirty work boots hanging from it. Don’t you think?

Check out this one, the Whitmor Floor Shoe Tower… this one holds FIFTY pairs of shoes! LOL!

This White Frost 15-pair Shoe Cubby by Storage Solutions is pretty cool, again if I had a big walk in closet, it would line one wall with little cubby holes. The picture makes it look like it is at least five feet tall, but each cubby is only 6 inches square. So it is only 30 inches tall.  I guess for that height you could stack a second one on top and have room for 30 pairs of shoes.

This ATHome Contemporary Shoe Rack would be perfect for a family that takes their shoes off when they come in the door. I can see this one sitting right beside the front entry way. I visited a lady’s house once that had white carpets, and you had to take your shoes off before entering her house.  I don’t think I could ever live in a house with white carpet. Having beige carpet has been enough of a nightmare.

This Stackable Shoe Rack in Mahogany is distinctly masculine looking. I can see it perched up on the shelf at the top of a man’s closet.

So what about you, how do you keep your shoes? Do you keep them neatly lined across your closet shelves, or are they in a jumble on the floor of your closet?

Speaking of shoes:

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11 thoughts on “Best Storage Rack for Shoes

  1. I have a cubby similar to the White Frost 15 pair one you show. But I got it at Target, it is made of wood, and holds 12 pairs of shoes. We have a closet organizer system in our (not walk-in) closet, and this cubby fits on a shelf that is about waist-height. And I limit myself to 12 pairs of shoes. I’ve been doing this for 3 years now, since we moved into this house. When I buy a new pair of shoes, one pair has to go to make room for the new pair! (My snow boots go on top so technically I have 13 pairs of shoes.)


  2. I LOVE shoes. I have probably about 20 pair and that’s only with great restraint (and if you don’t count flip flops). Unfortunately, they’re thrown all about my closet floor and I need some organization.

    Thanks for the ideas!


  3. I have a rack that looks something like a cross between the last two you posted. I had pouches, but I found that they collected a lot of dirt in them and were difficult to clean out. I won’t use pockets or cubbies for shoes again.


  4. I use a shoe organizer that hangs from a closet rod. It has eight pockets and I keep it in my front entry coat closet (since this is where my shoes end up anyhow. No point in making myself trek them into my bedroom.) I keep my most used pairs of shoes in there and special occasion shoes live in a Rubber Maid container that slides under my bed.


  5. I love those pocket over the door holders and have been putting my shoes in them for years. I have beige carpet in my apartment and have an extra mat at the front door to put shoes on upon entering. I then take the extra shoes inside to the shoe bag.

    I love those shoe bags so much I put one in each bathroom and they hold things like cotton and extra toothbrushes.

    I also put one on the inside of the pantry door to hold spices and extra plastic bags.


  6. I want something that isn’t so visible- sometimes shoes all piled up together can look really disorganized.

    The one that looks like a coat hanger (but a shoe hanger) looks kind of funny, IMO 🙂

    I like the rolling one the best:)


  7. Two things, shoe trees are still a good idea, especially for more expensive mens shoes and a little rolled newspaper will help your shoes dry out. Another thought, alternate your shoes every other day and you will get a lot longer wear.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @, good advice. Thanks for sharing with us.


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