Free on Kindle Managing Your Money Nut Review

Managing Your Money Nut

One of my favorite bloggers, Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff has written a second book.  This one will help you with budgeting basics, pruning expenses and tracking your financial health.  Crystal has always had a great knack at making money issues approachable, even fun.  In Managing Your Money Nut, she starts out with a quiz to help you figure out where you stand fiscally.  Did you get an A or are you Fiscally Fudged?  After the quiz, Crystal tells you how to diagnose your fiscal health.

Today until Sunday, Managing Your Money Nut is free on Amazon Kindle.  Remember that you do not need to have a Kindle (this is my affiliate link) to read this book (or any Kindle book, for that matter), you can just download the Kindle app for your phone, or your computer and read from there.

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For some of us, Managing Your Money Nut is going to seem like common sense, but trust me I know of some people who could use a primer on managing their money, and I’m sure you do, too.  Some of the topics discussed include, Spend Less Than You Earn, Cutting Expenses, Haggling in General, Cutting Back on Luxuries like Cable, Budgeting Basics, Sample Budget, Income Ideas, Debt Reduction, Insurance and Estate Planning.

Crystal shares personal experiences in the book and I was impressed with her negotiations when they bought their new car. She recounts the story in the book, and lists her tips for future purchases.  Very handy, especially the one thing you should never let your spouse say in front of the salesperson.

Crystal also tells us how she keeps her cable bill at a cost that is affordable to her, and it just takes a few minutes of her time every 6 months to keep the rates steady.  There are 11 great tips in the “Income Ideas” chapter that you don’t want to miss, and I especially like Tip #11 Take Care of Yourself.

I can’t tell you about everything, but I can tell you this book is packed full with lots of good advice.  If you or someone you know is new to personal finance, let them know about Crystal’s book.  Even if you think you already know it all, I’d suggest getting Crystal’s book and reading it because you are bound to smile at least a couple times because of her great sense of humor. 🙂

Remember it’s free today until Sunday at Amazon.   Don’t miss it!

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