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Did You Lose a Groupon Coupon?

I don’t buy Groupon coupons very often but I do occasionally find one that I feel is an exceptional deal, or something that truly piques my interest, like the time I went to the True Rest Relaxation Spa last April.  I had a wonderful experience in the relaxation pod and I would love to spend another hour relaxing, maybe I’ll splurge for my birthday this year. At any rate, last week I got to thinking about my Groupon coupons I’d… Read the rest
Emerald Dress

How To Shop At Thrift Stores

The first time I remember shopping in a thrift store was when I was about fourteen years old.  As the oldest of seven, and the first grandchild, there were no hand-me-downs from older siblings or cousins.  That meant my clothes were usually “new” but rarely were they brand new.  With seven children, there’s not a lot of new clothes shopping done, at least there wasn’t in my family.  Ours was a blended family… my mom had me and my two… Read the rest

Review: EasyAzon WordPress Plug-In for Amazon Affiliates

Most of you are aware that I am an Amazon affiliate and a good number of you are also bloggers, so I thought I would share this product in case you are also an Amazon Affiliate, as I have found EasyAzon to be extremely helpful. I am fairly conservative about spending money on products to help me blog, so it is unusual for me to buy a product such as this since I have a frugal nature to begin with;… Read the rest

My Dream Business – What’s Yours?

Do you dream of being an entrepreneur?   For most of my life I didn’t like the idea.  It actually scared me quite a bit, the thought of having to depend solely on myself.  It seemed much safer to work for someone else.  But the truth of the matter is, jobs aren’t 100% certain.  You could get fired, or the company could go out of business.  Of course bad things can happen to an entrepreneur too, but there are a few… Read the rest