Natural Cold Treatments - 10 Ways to Treat Your Cold Naturally and Save Money

Kleenex by Micah Taylor

I tend to be a person who prefers to use natural cold treatments.

Not only does it save money, but I prefer to honor my body’s ability to heal itself and I would rather aid healing rather than force a cure onto myself with chemicals.

I woke up on Friday morning with a [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Buying My Gasoline at Costco

I’ve had a Costco card for quite a long time through my employer, but I’ve rarely taken advantage of the savings on gasoline.

Part of the reason is because I have to get off the freeway and drive one mile down the road to get to Costco.  So I’m driving an extra two miles [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

6 Tips for Decorating On a Budget

I have not done a lot of decorating but whenever I did, it always had to be done on a budget!!

Here are my top six tips for decorating on a budget. As you read through, please think of your favorites and leave it in the comments below.

Decide on your budget. How much [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

My Computer Works, Does Yours?

Catchy little phrase, eh?  “My computer works, does yours?” is the slogan for My Computer Works.  My Computer Works offers computer support in your home via your Internet connection.  Did you ever wish you had someone you could call when you have a problem with your computer but didn’t know who to turn to?  [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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