I Love Amazon Prime

I would never have sprung for Amazon Prime on my own.

But my son AJ doesn’t worry about money as much as his dear old mother does and he kept it after his free trial last January. I used his account a few times to get a couple of things shipped overnight but we [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

6 Tips for Decorating On a Budget

I have not done a lot of decorating but whenever I did, it always had to be done on a budget!!

Here are my top six tips for decorating on a budget. As you read through, please think of your favorites and leave it in the comments below.

Decide on your budget. How much [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Thanks for Helping Haiti!

Thank you to everyone who commented! I donated $1 for every comment as promised, to the Red Cross today.

We tend to forget about disasters quickly, especially when they aren’t in our own backyard, but Haiti is still suffering and needs our help, so do what you can today to help.

Thanks again for your [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Thanks to my December 2008 Top Ten Referrers

Thanks to my top ten referrers for the month of December, 2008!

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