Cheap Date Ideas

Last year I wrote about our second anniversary date and funny enough as it turns out we had a similar anniversary date for our third anniversary this week.   Mr. A wanted to go into the big city to an event he’d been looking forward to attending, and on our way back home we stopped [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Credit Card Report October 2010

Well shoot. It appears the last time I made a report on our credit card debt was back in April!   Time sure does fly!

In April, our credit card debt was at $20,731.85.  I am quite pleased to report that we continue to go steadily pay that amount down, and are now at $15,537.02. [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Paperback Book Swap - How Works

Photo: stack of books, Ballard, Seattle, Washington by Wonderlane

I wrote about joining Paperbackswap about one year ago in August. I listed ten books so that I could get two free credits.  Each book is worth 1 credit once it has been received by the requestor.  A few were asked for right away, but the remainder have sat on my “bookshelf” for the [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

My Guest Post at The Digerati Life

My guest post at The Digerati Life is up – Baking Cookies and Sharing Them in a Cookie Exchange! Thank you SVB for including my post today!

I’m feeling better, but life has totally got into the way of blogging. First the head cold helped none with regards to actual coherent thinking, [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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