Monthly Archives: September 2010

How I Feel About Money Today

Following J. Money’s post from last Friday, I thought I’d share my answers to the same questions here: 1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on _____. The most I’ve spent this last week was on a brand new ASUS VW266H 25.5″ Widescreen LCD Monitor.  After the rebate and shipping it came to $251.81.  Don’t hate me and don’t yell at me!! Yes, I finally broke down and moved into the 21st Century. I’ve been using one of… Read the rest

7 Reasons You Need A Widescreen LCD Monitor

True Confession: Last week I invested in a monitor similar to this one:. I have been using two monitors at work for the last year and a half, and have been telling myself I just don’t need a new monitor at home.  My old huge heavy 19″ CRT monitor was working just fine.  But then weekend before last my son brought out his 25.5″ monitor and set it up on my desk while I was outside.  I came back in… Read the rest

Thursday Link Love aka Friday Finds on Thursday

Celebrations and giveaway events: Elle over at Couple Money is giving away a laptop to celebrate the one year anniversary of her blog. Congratulations on reaching one year, Elle and wow, I remember when you were at your six month anniversary. Seems like just yesterday!  Time flies! Kevin at Invest It Wisely is celebrating his six month anniversary with almost $300 in prizes to give away, check out his easy to enter form right on the post! Out of Debt… Read the rest

Ouch, My Friend Paid Too Much For Her New Samsung Vibrant from T-Mobile

I have a friend who needed to upgrade her phone to a Samsung Vibrant and she had to do it immediately. Immediately in an impulsive way, you know what I mean? Three weeks ago she went to a T-Mobile store and checked out the phone and she just had to have it.  She called me while there and I told her she should at least call T-mobile and find out if they could help her to get a better deal.… Read the rest