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Blast From The Past – September 2008

Welcome to this month’s edition of Blast from the Past!   Every month in this series I go back in time by two years and share the best posts of the month.   Let’s go, shall we? On September 2nd, 2008, I wrote about our Electricity Usage in August 2008, a big topic here at Out of Debt Again since we live in the Arizona desert.  Later in the month I shared Great News on the Electricity Front! On the 3rd I… Read the rest

Update on the Income Tax Transcript

Seven weeks ago I told you about my experience in ordering the transcript of our income tax return.  With that post I included a scanned image of said transcript to show others what I’d received from the IRS.  I complained that this is not what I was promised in conversation with the IRS “This transcript contains all of the lines of the return which you used,” and felt as if I had no option but to order a copy of… Read the rest

What It Costs Companies to Keep An Employee On the Payroll

Political Calculations linked to the post that I submitted to the Festival of Frugality a couple of weeks ago and in taking a look around the site I found this interesting calculator in a post called: How Much Does it Cost to Employ You? The calculator allows you to enter some numbers which calculate how much it costs your employer to keep you on the payroll.  It wasn’t as simple for me as I don’t work full time, I only… Read the rest

Review: EA Sports Active Personal Trainer for Wii

I like exercising with the .  It’s an easy way for me to get in a workout without having to pay for a membership, feel compelled to buy exercise outfits (although I did learn by trial and error that I must wear a sports brassiere while running, heeee), and save money on gas since the nearest gym is 16 miles away from where I live. I am starting to feel better since I’ve been on the GAPS diet.  I’ve lost… Read the rest