Blast From The Past - September 2008

Welcome to this month’s edition of Blast from the Past!   Every month in this series I go back in time by two years and share the best posts of the month.   Let’s go, shall we?

On September 2nd, 2008, I wrote about our Electricity Usage in August 2008, a big topic here at Out [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Update on the Income Tax Transcript

Seven weeks ago I told you about my experience in ordering the transcript of our income tax return.  With that post I included a scanned image of said transcript to show others what I’d received from the IRS.  I complained that this is not what I was promised in conversation with the IRS “This [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

What It Costs Companies to Keep An Employee On the Payroll

Political Calculations linked to the post that I submitted to the Festival of Frugality a couple of weeks ago and in taking a look around the site I found this interesting calculator in a post called: How Much Does it Cost to Employ You?

The calculator allows you to enter some numbers which calculate [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Review: EA Sports Active Personal Trainer for Wii

I like exercising with the Wii Console with Mario Kart Wii Bundle – Black.  It’s an easy way for me to get in a workout without having to pay for a membership, feel compelled to buy exercise outfits (although I did learn by trial and error that I must wear [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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