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Just Because It’s a Business Expense Doesn’t Mean You Should Buy It

Some people who go into business for themselves do everything right from the start.  They learn what the area in which they live requires, get a business license, and go from there. But there are others who when they start out to have a business of their own, probably aren’t thinking too much about the legal or tax side of things.  They’re making their widgets or providing their service and as money starts rolling in they realize this is going… Read the rest

Arizona Charitable Tax Credits – No Itemization Required in 2013

If you’re in Arizona, you may be able to divert some of your tax dollars to charitable organizations, rather than to pay them to the state.  In 2010, I wrote about tax credits which were available to folks living in Arizona.  I was unable to take advantage of those tax credits because itemization was required, and we cannot itemize (not enough deductions). However, I recently learned that the tax laws were changed in Arizona, and beginning in 2013, you can… Read the rest

Oh Boy, Arizona Intercepted Our Tax Refund Again

I wrote about the last time the state “intercepted” our income tax return here: What Arizona did with our 2008 Tax Refund and here: Finally – Our 2008 Tax Refund Arrived.   I filed an extension for our 2011 taxes and when I bought my car off Craigslist I forced myself to get it done sooner than later since I want to get our line of credit paid off, since that’s where I had to take the money from in… Read the rest
Self Employed TAX Solutions Book by June Walker

Have You Completed Your Income Taxes or Will You File an Extension?

Have you completed your taxes?  I’ll be filing an extension.   For all of my life until a couple of years ago I’ve always filed before April 15th.  Always.  But since Mr. A has his own business, and I have a few side gigs I have decided I will take my time instead of trying to rush and get everything done. I prefer to use H&R Block At Home Premium + State 2011 and this year I bought the electronic download… Read the rest