Blast From The Past – September 2008

Welcome to this month’s edition of Blast from the Past!   Every month in this series I go back in time by two years and share the best posts of the month.   Let’s go, shall we?

On September 2nd, 2008, I wrote about our Electricity Usage in August 2008, a big topic here at Out of Debt Again since we live in the Arizona desert.  Later in the month I shared Great News on the Electricity Front!

On the 3rd I highlighted  a technique used by Madison at My Dollar Plan and decided it was Time to Rollover My Credit Card Debt.  Later in the month I discussed the process of Applying for Credit Cards and gave a Credit Card Acceptance Update.

On the 4th, I warned folks to Check Your Automatic Payment Addresses and disclosed that we paid $3.53/gallon for gas a few days earlier.  I’m glad our gas prices didn’t skyrocket this summer like they did two years ago.  On the 5th I shared about our upgrade to a new broadband Internet provider in High Speed Internet !! and the next day discussed Gardening and Blazing Speeds!

On the 7th I shared that my free Gasoline Calculator had been downloaded 57 times. It’s still available, free of charge.   On the 8th I talked about the Visitors in the Garden and on the 8th I was thrilled to learn that Adobe allows each program to be used on two separate computers in  Adobe, You Rock! I Get To Upgrade at Home for Free!

On the 13th I introduced my step by step photo instructions for Personalized Candy Favors for Weddings or Baby Showers. These little candy favors are an exceptionally  lovely gift for a new bride or at a baby shower.  This post includes a Microsoft Word template (you can also use’s Writer), and a Photoshop image.  I also include a downloadable PDF copy of this post with step by step photo instructions.

On the 19th I shared how you can Make Your Own Salsa – expensive and frugal – and on the 20th I shared my opinion of The Most Frugal Cookware, and on the 21st I made some Homemade Bread.

On the 23rd I shared how to get a “DBA” in Arizona, and managed to save $105 on each of Mr. A’s businesses in the process.  Check Save Money Getting Your DBA – Doing Business As for more information.

On the 26th I shared our personal family story of How One Family Escaped This Housing Crisis. When we bought our current home a salesperson tried to talk us into a much bigger mortgage and I’m glad we didn’t fall for his spiel.

On the 29th I discussed the ethics of buying Gas From Costco Without a Membership?? I don’t think it’s right, but you probably already guessed that would be my opinion, and finally on the 30th I told you how you could Earn Cash with Big Crumbs.

And that wraps up the month.  I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane as much as I have.


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