My Clothing Category Will Be Up In May

My birthday was last month, I turned 47.  My mother, mother-in-law and my boss gave me cash adding up to close to $100.  I’m no good at applying birthday money to credit card debt, I admit it.

Since embarking on my heal my gut crusade, I’ve managed to drop some pounds and all my clothing was starting to droop. Even my belt was wearing out from being punched with an ice pick once too many times.

My hubby bought me a pair of black jeans, and one pair of blue from Kmart.  I found a one dollar clearance sale at Walmart and stocked up on some pretty bright pink sleeveless summer shirts and a few other items, plus one very flattering dark purple shirt by Just My Size for $9.  I needed a few more work tops, so I stopped by Ross Dress for Less and found some colorful t-shirts with lace around the neck and sleeves for $5.99 each. I picked up three of those. And one really pretty knit top with bright green, yellow, turquoise and white daisies on a black background that has an awesome slimming effect on my body. I wore that to work yesterday and got lots of compliments.

I bought a new swimsuit, but I’m taking it back because my old one still fits just fine, in spite of my weight loss. I guess they are just so form fitting when the stretchiness is still intact they fit for a while.  I had to pick up some new undergarments, too.

I haven’t added it all up yet, but I think I’ve spent around $150 on a new wardrobe, so $50 above the birthday money.

I’m pretty pleased with my new outfits.  It’s nice to have some new clothing.  In this smaller size I will also have better luck at the thrift stores so that is something I’m looking forward to.

Have you gone on any little shopping sprees lately?

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3 thoughts on “My Clothing Category Will Be Up In May

  1. It sounds like you got quite a bit of clothes. I usually pick up one item per month, but surprisingly last month I didn’t buy any clothes for me OR my son.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Jackie, yes I did, and I hate shopping for clothes. My husband buys me a new article of clothing more often than I shop for myself. The only reason why I even bothered now is because I got sick of hiking up my jeans. Once I got a pair that actually fit I was inspired to find some tops that fit, too. When I’m at home I wear my husband’s faded and worn business t-shirts and several pairs of my shorts have holes in them. They still fit so I haven’t decided to replace them yet. 😉


  2. I hate shopping. Maybe that’s why I’m still wearing T-shirts from 1996. 🙁
    I *do* have plans to hit the Labor Day half-price sale at the Value Village thrift store, though.
    Sounds like you got deals just as good or better ($1 shirts? wow) as thrift stores, however.


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