The Deal We Got On Our Air Conditioner

It was still expensive, but it would have been a lot more had it not been for Mr. Fierce generously allowing Mr. A to purchase a unit at cost.  So far the unit was $1500 and the duct work modifications have come to just over $400.  And Mr. A was able to do the entire installation himself, so there was no cost there.

It was really horrible here while the air conditioner was out.  It would get as hot as 99°F in the main part of the house.  Cooking was out of the question and we live 15 miles from the nearest town with restaurants. We ate a lot of sandwiches and anything quick that didn’t require being in the kitchen too long. Opening the refrigerator seemed wrong, very wrong, since the refrigerator would then have to work very hard to cool down again.

I grew up in Phoenix, and we always had evaporative cooling – it works pretty good until our monsoon starts and it gets humid.  The two cars my mom had for short periods of time didn’t have air conditioning and Phoenix Transit buses did not have air conditioning.  I think that’s why we have people dying in our climate since they don’t really understand how horrible it is. I know a couple that are from back east and they love summer time. The hotter, the better.  They constantly rave about how wonderful it is, how much they love the heat. Well, I’d like to have had them out to visit last week while it was 99°F in our home.  And they would definitely have needed to drive out the hour that it took to get here, without any air conditioning running in their car.

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I don’t think they really understand how hot it is. After all, they go from their air conditioned home, to their air conditioned car, to the air conditioned car and back home again.

The heat really wiped me out, plus I had to work 14 hours on Friday at work. I have been wiped out all weekend long, and even ended up calling in sick today.

I am really hoping to see a change in the electricity bill.  Apparently split systems cost more to run than heat pumps. I sure hope so. I am sure this month’s usage will be skewed since we had to run window air conditioning units.  The little paper that comes attached said the unit would cost $46 dollars a year to run. Yeah, right. I couldn’t see on the little paper how they came up with that figure but it’s probably based on running it 2 hours a day for three or four months out of the year.

I hope you are enjoying fair weather.


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2 thoughts on “The Deal We Got On Our Air Conditioner

  1. What a TERRIBLE experience!

    This heat has been horrific, and my system’s working OK. I can’t imagine struggling through several days without any respite.

    Well…the silver lining (what’s silver’s melting point, anyway?) is that a heat pump can be very efficient, indeed. My power bills are lower with the heat pump than with the gas pack–certainly in the summertime. I worried the first winter, since I was used to heating with gas, but was pleasantly surprised to find the bills were generally lower, and certainly never higher.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Funny, it was pretty horrific. Thank you for the encouragement on the lower bills. I sure hope to see ours go down. It would certainly explain why they have been so high – you have even commented in the past that they are inordinately high. Mr. A also found a few air leaks in the ductwork which would also have been a factor. Apparently one of the vents was put in wrong and has been leaking air this whole time. We live in a manufactured home so whenever any work has to be done on the ductwork he’s had to crawl under with the scorpions, spiders and sometimes snakes.


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