Monthly Archives: June 2009

My “New” Bedding

The Accountability Family recently went to one of the small towns near where we live. Mr. A has a client that just bought a fixer-upper home for $40,000.  I went along with my camera to take photos of the place. We needed to kill a little bit of time, so we stopped at Savers just to have a look around.  Their prices are high at this particular one, I prefer to shop the Savers in the big city since they… Read the rest

American Express Costco $25 Rebate

So back in September, I signed up for the TrueEarnings Card from Costco and American Express.  I found the offer from Madison at My Dollar Plan. I was supposed to get a $25 statement credit soon after.  On February 11th, I called to find out why I never got my $25 statement credit, and was told it takes up to 12 weeks to see this offer, and it should show up anytime. I called again on March 3rd and was… Read the rest

Nintendo Wii – Not Just for Kids

I’m always looking for ways to get more exercise because I tend to be very sedentary. That’s okay for young people, but I’m slowly learning that doesn’t work out so well as you grow older. When I started back in my garden in September, my back ached just walking out to the garden. It’s several hundred feet from my front door, and even longer from the back door. For months my back spasmed and ached. But I noticed when six… Read the rest