Nintendo Wii – Not Just for Kids

I’m always looking for ways to get more exercise because I tend to be very sedentary. That’s okay for young people, but I’m slowly learning that doesn’t work out so well as you grow older. When I started back in my garden in September, my back ached just walking out to the garden. It’s several hundred feet from my front door, and even longer from the back door. For months my back spasmed and ached. But I noticed when six months of steady work had passed (2-3 days each week) my back stopped hurting.

Now I can go out there and dig or do just about whatever I need to do. I’m not in “perfect” shape by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve been trying to figure out ways to help Big A stay in shape, too. We are fortunate enough to own a Wii. AJ and I started having bowling tournaments using Wii Sports a few nights ago, and I found a Wii fitness section, where you can test your Wii Fitness age. The game takes your stamina, balance and speed into consideration and scores your “age”. The first day I was 56. The next day I was 51. Yesterday I was 62! Today I was 36!  Whoot! I’m getting better at video games!

I can feel that I’m getting a pretty good workout over most of my body. Big A and I had a bowling tournament this morning, then we boxed each other. That was hilarious, since I can’t really figure out how to take a swing. He got a big kick out of knocking me out three times! Then we played 3 rounds of golf. I actually worked up a sweat!

We’re also trying to find ways to eat more healthy – we could all stand to lose some weight, some of us more than others. Our entire family is affected by too many simple carbohydrates; so we’re trying to limit carbs. One thing that seems to be helping a lot is to have a limited amount of a “starchy” vegetable, like maybe 1/2 cup serving, and either a nice sized salad, or another vegetable that isn’t starchy.

It’s a challenge to allow Big A his independence (he is a MAN after all – one of his most frequent sayings is “Mom, I’m a MAN”), yet help him limit his food intake. AJ had an idea this morning that divided tv trays might be helpful, since we could put together meals and freeze them so that Big A could choose from a selection. So I’ve been looking around the ‘net this morning for divided plates. I would rather not use aluminum, or paper, but something that can be used again and again.

Both appear to be oven safe. We don’t use a microwave here, we use a toaster oven to reheat foods.  The BIA Cordon Bleu might not fit into our current toaster oven. Hmmm… I think I’m going to visit some local restaurant supplies and see what they have in the way of freezer safe, oven safe divided plates.

So what you are up to on this fine Sunday morning?  Actually I hope you are reading this on Monday morning, and are not spending this lovely day on the ‘net like another person I know.

Have a beautiful day!

Mrs. Accountability

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2 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii – Not Just for Kids

  1. Actually, unfortunately, I am lying around. First, it’s cloudy out. Sort of a nice break, it’s been crazily sunny for ages. Second, I’m tired. I think it might be PMS (TMI? Sorry) but I’ve been pooped for two days now. So I’m trying to take it easy so I have some get up and go when it counts, during the week. Finally, my right lower back is REALLY upset with me. Sigh. Going to have to do some stretching on the floor. Good thing we finally vacuumed!

    At any rate, I wanted to comment for two reasons:

    1. Tim actually INJURED himself on the Wii. Yes. Injured. Not like trip and fall either. Nooooo. That would be too simple. Instead, when down at his parents’ for a funeral, he was drunk (& other) and decided that his friends were right and he SHOULD try out a Wii finally. They played a bunch of games. For hours. And hours. The next day he called me. Everything hurt. Everything. If his head hadn’t been shaved at the time, I think he would have told me his hair hurt. I still tease him from time to time that he hurt himself playing videogames. Because it’s a wife’s duty. At any rate, he is now FASCINATINGLY anti-Wii.

    2. While Wii seems like a lot of fun, that E3 convention has me salivating at the thought of Project Natal. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, do a search. It’s AWESOME! The infrared camera would take a 3D rendering. And have facial recognition. So even folks like myself who were maxxed out with Nintendo’s directional pad and buttons A&B can still play video games!

    Okay, so it’s not going to come out til 2010. And Tim and I don’t buy the first version of anything. But it’s an addition to the console, so you don’t have to upgrade by buying a new console. And it just looks… fabulous. Plus MS’s partners have already started making great things with it. Like Milo. (Again, look it up. Too hard to explain here.) So, really, a two year wait. But durnit. I’m so freakin’ excited! I am big into making exercise entertaining — the saving grace of my walk is my MP3 player. So a lot of the games could get me moving. (And, unlike the Wii, which kids have managed to master without much movement, you’d HAVE to be active to play certain games.)


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Ow. I remember the first time I ever worked out using dumbbells. I was so sore that I could barely lower myself to a sitting position. I can imagine if you played Wii for hours and hours and were out of shape, it would hurt pretty bad. I have never heard of E3. My son AJ is a Nintendo aficionado and has systems from the very first one that came out, including the handheld versions. I love cloudy days, we don’t get them much here in sunny AZ. I’ll have to look into that E3 thing. Thanks for your comment!


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