My “New” Bedding

The Accountability Family recently went to one of the small towns near where we live. Mr. A has a client that just bought a fixer-upper home for $40,000.  I went along with my camera to take photos of the place.

We needed to kill a little bit of time, so we stopped at Savers just to have a look around.  Their prices are high at this particular one, I prefer to shop the Savers in the big city since they tend to be less expensive.  One of the things I’ve been watching out for has been queen fitted sheets for my bed.  They are $4.99 per sheet, unless they have the right color tag. You know, the tag of the day, which takes 50% off the price.

I’ve been getting by with one sheet, and it’s starting to get threadbare. It’s already ripped in two spots, and I’ve sewed it back together.  It’s still perfectly useable, but I’ve been wanting a spare so that I can wash one and put the clean one right back on the bed instead of having to wait for it to wash and dry.

I found two queen fitted sheets, and then I went looking for new pillowcases to go with my “new” sheets. Pillowcases are $0.99 for each pair.

I’ve never been a big fan of fancy bedding. I don’t use the fitted sheets, ever. But I do love my fluffy comforter.

I’m set for another few years for bedding for a whopping $6.97 plus tax.

Mrs. Accountability

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2 thoughts on “My “New” Bedding

  1. Oh my goodness! $4.99 for a fitted sheet and .99 for a pair of pillow cases???? That is unheard of.. What is the thread count? Such a deal! I have never heard of Savers. I looked online and didn’t see a website. I am sure they can’t be located here in California. Not even Wal-mart has prices like that! Wow

    The best deal I found was when Macy’s had a sale and I took a 15 percent coupon in and got a set for $23 for 300 thread count (orginal price was $80.)

    I am lovin your site. Just found you today!

    Take care….


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Missylove! Savers is a second hand store, so the sheets and pillow cases I got were used. I can look at the tags when I get home for the thread count. Savers are also known as Value Village. The website is You have to look by zip code on their site for a store in your area – I put in a California zip code and found these stores: Daly City, CA 94014; Redwood City, CA 94063; Milpitas, CA 95035; San Jose, CA 95128. I don’t know if any are close to you or not. That’s a great deal on the sheets you got from Macy’s! Thanks for visiting and I love comments, so thank you for commenting! 🙂 Have a lovely day!


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