Two Monitors at Work!

It was so exciting yesterday to get my second monitor. I have wanted this setup for a while, and I am so glad it has finally been made possible. My main project right now, aside from my “regular” duties, is getting our manual accounting set up into our electronic accounting. One of the things I am doing is creating documentation for every procedure. It is especially helpful for me, as many of the procedures are done only monthly, so from one month to the next I tend to forget what needs to be done. With documentation, I only have to open my notebook and flip to the documentation and follow the steps.

The initial creation of the documentation takes some additional time, but I know it will save my employer over the long run. Additionally, my supervisor will eventually be using this program for her portion of the accounting, and she will need good documentation to get her through it.

Having two monitors will allow me to have Word open on one screen, and the accounting program on the other. I can document and take screenshots without having to go back and forth. My mind can sometimes wander from one switch to the next, so it will be a great time saver to be able to simply look from one monitor to the next.

The background image is a photo I took of a coworker’s little desktop Christmas tree, and a dish of chocolate dipped cannola. Oh my goodness, such delicious creations. They were fresh made from a bakery that morning. One day soon I’ll be making that photo into a Christmas card, and will post the results here so you can see it better; it is a gorgeous photo if I do say so myself.

Yours Truly,

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