My Long Lost Kill-A-Watt Finally Found!

On September 5th last year we signed up for our current broadband Internet connection.  Previously we were paying $69.99 per month and $55 for our land line.  This new service offered VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and a much faster connection for $59.99 a month (see the previous post for speed tests), so we canceled the old Internet and our regular land line.  AJ and I are the ones on the Internet, and we really, really love having this faster connection.

However, unfortunately during this switch, my P3 International P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor came up missing. I knew I was using it under my desk to find out how much electricity my computer and all its components were using just prior to the service installation.

After the service installers left, my Kill-A-Watt was nowhere to be found.

AJ had helped me clean up the area around my desk, but couldn’t tell me if he’d done anything with my Kill-A-Watt. I’ve looked high and low for it in the past year. I have many times wondered if the service installers took it with them. Was it her, or him? It was a married couple that did the installation and neither of them seemed to be the type to steal. But you never know about people.

On Monday, while I was decluttering my bedroom, I also went through my closet rather thoroughly.  And with great happiness I found my long lost Kill-A-Watt at the bottom of a bag of computer components. Sorry that I ever doubted your integrity, service installers. Thank goodness I never called the company to complain – I did consider at least seeing if I could get hold of the couple and ask them if they accidentally made off with my Kill-A-Watt.

Here is a good review from the Gadgeteer on the newer P4460 Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor. This newer one allows you to enter in the amount that your kilowatts cost and it does all the calculations. However, since our kilowatts cost one amount during 9am and 9pm and a different amount during 9pm and 9am it will only work for me if I do a 24 test. Gadgeteer also has a review on my model, the P4400 here.

I’ve been monitoring some electrical items around our house. I’ve found several huge hogs, which will explain why our electricity bill is so high!  Stay tuned for coming details!

Yours Truly,

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3 thoughts on “My Long Lost Kill-A-Watt Finally Found!

  1. So I went and read the review of the Kill-A-Watt and found it to be very handy! Thanks for suggesting that review. Also, I need to figure out a better internet provider for my house. I currently pay $110 for cable TV and cable internet. But I’m sure there are places that would help me save money.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Sometimes the local phone company will offer a deal but we aren’t in the area that can take advantage of that. We’re paying $120 for satellite Internet, satellite television and a VoIP line. Sometimes a better deal can be found. Good luck!


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