A New Plan for Our Budget

It’s been over a year since I have been trying to batten down the hatches here at Out of Debt Again. Meaning trying to get our family onto a budget.

It’s hard when I’m the only one dealing with the money because I use Quicken and Excel spreadsheets. Mr. A doesn’t really get into [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

A New Place to Share My True Confessions

Over the weekend I checked out a new website called Spendster.org, a place to confess your True Confessions, and let the WHOLE WORLD know how much money you’ve wasted on JUNK. I’ve watched a few of the videos and I can relate to a few, unfortunately. Although I must say the money I’ve wasted [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Carnivals October 21st, 2008

Today two of my posts were included in carnivals this week. Weed Soup was accepted at the Make It From Scratch carnival, hosted by the delightful 11th Heaven’s Homemaking Haven. And my post Hate Weeds? Don’t Kill Them, Eat Them! was accepted at the Festival of Frugality, hosted by the Mighty Bargain Hunter. Thanks [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Credit Scores 2008

I checked my credit scores just over a year ago. I got an email recently that said it was time for my free credit report again. I haven’t done that yet, but last week I read about a place, CreditKarma where you can get your estimated credit score free.

Here’s what it said: Here’s [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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