Monthly Archives: October 2008

Our COBRA Insurance Costs Are Going Down

I just called to find out if Mr. A’s COBRA amount will go down now that AJ turned 19 and is no longer eligible to be covered on his policy. So our insurance rates might go down from $239.20 to ??? I think maybe by half or more. Anything will be better than what it was. Yours Truly, Thank you for visiting Out of Debt Again! Subscribe to receive free email or RSS notifications and don’t miss anything! OUT OF… Read the rest

My Son Needs New Shoes – Expensive Shoes

As I’ve mentioned before, our oldest son has Down Syndrome. He’s also got really wide feet. During the summer he can get by with wearing flip-flips but now that winter is coming he really needs a pair of shoes. AJ (our younger son) has used Zappos in the past and has been very pleased with them. I needed to find out what size shoe to order for my son, let’s call him Big A. Now you’ve met me, Mrs. Accountability,… Read the rest

Christmas is Coming – Two Months Away!

I cannot believe it is almost time for Christmas!! What do you do for Christmas? Do you send Christmas cards or photo cards? Do you buy gifts for everyone in your family, extended family and friends and coworkers? That can run into a lot of money. We’ve seen it happen in the past on personal finance blogs. Did you do it last year? Do you have plans to do it again? Did you save money all year long for Christmas… Read the rest

New Computers At Work

We got new computers at work this week, thanks to an extremely generous benefactor. We hired a company to make the change; they started last Friday so every day this week I’ve done nothing but work at getting my computer back to where I need it to be. Changing settings, loading programs, transferring registrations from the old computer to the new one, figuring out how to make our financial program work with the Vista operating system and on and on.… Read the rest