A New Place to Share My True Confessions

Over the weekend I checked out a new website called Spendster.org, a place to confess your True Confessions, and let the WHOLE WORLD know how much money you’ve wasted on JUNK. I’ve watched a few of the videos and I can relate to a few, unfortunately. Although I must say the money I’ve wasted has been buying discounted, clearanced, or from yard sales and thrift stores. I have a terrible habit of buying something on sale or clearance as a birthday present, then forgetting I bought it, or forgetting where I put it.

Mr. A and I are such packrats. It ends up costing us money because we often end up having to pay for a dumpster to haul the junk to the dump.

Although I have to say I do not rent a storage unit to store my junk in (there is an X-Files type video about storage units at Spendster.org). I resolved to never rent a storage unit in my twenties – I always thought it was a terrible waste of money. If you aren’t going to use the stuff, just get rid of it! Boy, I should follow my own advice!

Check out Spendster.org. Maybe you’ll want to share your own True Confessions there, too.

Yours Truly,

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2 thoughts on “A New Place to Share My True Confessions

  1. LOL! My father’s last wife was like that: kept everything that ever had meaning for her, and then some. Finally he persuaded her to rent a storage locker, just to get the junk out of their lives. Sort of…


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