A New Place to Share My True Confessions

Over the weekend I checked out a new website called Spendster.org, a place to confess your True Confessions, and let the WHOLE WORLD know how much money you’ve wasted on JUNK. I’ve watched a few of the videos and I can relate to a few, unfortunately. Although I must say the money I’ve wasted has been buying discounted, clearanced, or from yard sales and thrift stores. I have a terrible habit of buying something on sale or clearance as a… Read the rest

Really Stupid Decisions

I really hate it when I let something slip by for months and months. Grrrrr! Back in May… on May 2nd to be exact, I ended up deleting my ring tone on my phone. You see, I needed to save something on my phone, I think Mr. A sent me a picture or something, and I am constantly out of room on my stupid cell phone. I don’t text, I don’t take pictures. I guess I have about 150 phone… Read the rest

One Year Moratorium on Books and Spending Sprees

Whew. Trent over at The Simple Dollar has decided to go on a ONE YEAR moratorium on books. He’s not going to buy any books for ONE YEAR. OUCH. That seems like such a long time to put oneself under the law! I find that I do the same kind of thing that Trent talked about – going on the little spending sprees – but for me, it ends up being things I have needed, but have not planned for… Read the rest