Monthly Archives: September 2008

How One Family Escaped This Housing Crisis

My story begins in 2001. I had just been hired by my current employer. We had been living in a mobile home park nestled in the city for eight years and we were ready to find a real home so I began to look at houses and compare mortgage rates because things had gone downhill in our neighborhood. When we first moved in, it was a quiet neighborhood and the monthly lot rental was low. The park was sold shortly… Read the rest

Great News on the Electricity Front!

I am so excited to share with my readers that our electricity company sent me an email today notifying me that our monthly payment has been adjusted to $317 per month. We have been paying $334.52 for nearly two years. And, it has been going up steadily every year since we moved here in 2001. I am so thrilled to see it go down, instead of up! A great deal of credit goes directly to the programmable thermostat, and I… Read the rest

Save Money Getting Your DBA – Doing Business As

As you know, I live in the state of Arizona. An acquaintance of Mr. A’s has been encouraging him to get a “DBA” and was even so kind as to print out an application he found on the Internet. “It’s only $115, Mr. A and, and, it’ll protect you!” Mr. A wondered what he would be protected from, and I wondered why he needed to have a DBA. As is his custom, he left it up to me to figure… Read the rest

Credit Card Acceptance Update

I applied for five new credit cards the other day. The reason why I applied for so many is because the last time I needed to do a balance transfer the card limited me to only $4000 when the amount I needed to roll over was higher than that. Plus, I was hoping to get a card that we could use for getting cash back since we spend so much money on gasoline, up to $1600 some months. Yesterday, two… Read the rest