Great News on the Electricity Front!

I am so excited to share with my readers that our electricity company sent me an email today notifying me that our monthly payment has been adjusted to $317 per month. We have been paying $334.52 for nearly two years. And, it has been going up steadily every year since we moved here in 2001. I am so thrilled to see it go down, instead of up!

A great deal of credit goes directly to the programmable thermostat, and I can’t forget to mention the commitment our family made to keep the thermostat at a temperature that is often uncomfortable during the day (81°F). (One of us has even had a problem with heat rash due to the higher temperatures).

My next goal is to find out how much electricity we’re using on a freezer that stays outside on the porch. All of my life I thought it was a horrible idea to have a refrigerator or freezer outdoors, especially when the temperatures are over 100°F for months on end! Once I discover how much we’re paying to run it (I’d better not procrastinate for too long because our temperatures will be dropping within the next six weeks), I will see about having it brought indoors.


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