5 Tips To Save On Your Upcoming Heating Costs

Heating costs are expensive, especially in the colder climates as furnaces and boilers run more and more. Homeowners need to be diligent in making sure that their homes are properly winterized. This means that you should check windows and doors for drafts inspect the insulation and have the entire unit serviced.

Schedule the HVAC Unit for Service

It is important to have the HVAC unit serviced. This will act as a gauge of how well the system is performing. The servicing also checks for natural gas leaks, failing wiring and to ensure if the general mechanics are also checked.  A malfunctioning system causes the system to run more, which makes the heating system run more and cost more.

Clean the Ducts

It is important to keep the ducts clean because the less air that pushes through, the more the thermostat is going to detect that it is not maintaining or holding a temperature in the house. Making sure that the proper amount of air flow is passing through is very important to maintain efficiency.

It is also important to make sure that the path of the ducts is proper. This means that the joints where ducts stem off of should be checked for efficiency. Cold and hot air returns should be properly spaced as well.

Check Windows and Doors for Drafts

Check the interior and exterior frame points of the windows as leaks can come from either side. You can use silicone caulking to seal the windows during the winter months. You can also use weather stripping or plastic to keep drafty windows from letting cold air in.

When it comes to the doors, look for signs of light coming through around the frame area as it lets in the cold air and hot air escapes. Use weather stripping on the interior portion of the frame to keep the air inside the home and close the gap.

Use Ceiling Fans for Better Distribution

The ceiling fan is not just for the cooler months. Ceiling fans and traditional oscillating fans help to circulate the warm air throughout the house. It helps with distributing the warm air through the house to maintain a constant temperature in the house. It costs less to run a ceiling fan or traditional fan than it does for the furnace or boiler to run constantly.

Use these tips to help reduce your heating costs. These simple remedies can help reduce the cost of your winter heating bills by up to 40-percent. Of course, replacing windows and doors is the ideal solution but this is quite expensive. These alternative options are more budget friendly and keep the same end result, a warmer house and fewer drafts with a furnace system that runs less overall.


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  1. This is some really good information about heating costs. As a new homeowner, I really don’t want to worry about furnace issues. It does seem like a good idea for me to check that my doors and windows don’t have any drafts. It might be smart for me to hire an expert to check my furnace needs any work done on it or if I have any drafty windows.


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