Electricity Update for November

I had hoped to figure out this month if using the hot water heater timer was going to make any difference in our electricity bill.

Two things happened so that I won’t know for sure, at least not this month, or the next.

Number 1:
Our property is fenced and our meter is inside the yard. We are on a special plan, so the meter reader has to physically touch the meter every month. I guess he resets something.

In order for the meter reader to get into the yard to read the meter, the electrical company puts a lock of their own onto the chain that locks our gate to the fence. We use our own lock hooked into their lock, then hooked into the chain. Every so often, somehow we lock our lock directly to the chain, instead of into the electricity company’s lock. They can’t get into the yard as a result. When that happens, they estimate our usage, and leave a note to let us know.

Mr. A knew I was trying to figure out if the hot water heater was going to effect our usage, so when he found the note a couple hours later, he read the meter.

Our monthly total usage was 3366kwh.

On-peak usage: 1395 $179.00.
Off-peak usage: 1971 $97.00.

I don’t know how to figure the taxes, surcharges, transmission cost adjustment, etc., etc.

Without counting all the extras, here is last month’s usage (remember this doesn’t include the extras):

Total monthly usage: 3184
On-peak usage cost: 1317 $166.35
Off-peak usage cost: 1867 $36.05

Number 2:
Mr. A did some welding during the month, making a sign for his business. I understand welding uses a lot of electricity. Since I track our electricity so closely, I may be able to deduct some of the cost when he uses the welder.

Since the meter reader estimated high on the reading, December’s reading will look smaller. So I won’t get a good idea on whether the hot water heater timer is helping until January.

We are coming into the time of the year when we don’t use the air conditioner, and we have never turned on the heater, not even once. Our home seems to be pretty well insulated, as it has gotten down to 8°F during the winter.

Are you coming into the time of year that your electricity bill goes up? Or down, like ours?

Yours Truly,

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3 thoughts on “Electricity Update for November

  1. In looking our newst bill from 9-19 to 10-20 we used 745 kwh’s. I know we were using the AC then too. energy charg 37.50. With all the other crap they add on it came to 55.98. We live in a nice size 2 bdr apt in Kansas in the summer months we probably use 1200 to 1400kwh’s tops


  2. All I know is that our average is about $112 per month. I usually just compare the current month to the same month last year to see if our usage went up. Our bill has this nice little bar graph on it.


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