Credit Card Acceptance Update

I applied for five new credit cards the other day. The reason why I applied for so many is because the last time I needed to do a balance transfer the card limited me to only $4000 when the amount I needed to roll over was higher than that.

Plus, I was hoping to get a card that we could use for getting cash back since we spend so much money on gasoline, up to $1600 some months.

Yesterday, two envelopes arrived via UPS with the Blue Cash American Express cards. That is simply astonishing to me with what is happening in our country financially as it took them only four days from the time I applied until I received the cards. They seem very anxious to help me go further into debt. Little do they know they are merely helping me to avoid interest fees.

Today I needed to download my activity from my Chase card, and I see there are two new credit cards listed on the account. I applied for two Chase cards. When I signed up for the one card, I plunked in the two cards to which I wished to have the money transferred. The amount to transfer was $7500, and $5500.

One card has a limit of $9500, with a pending transfer of $7500 my available credit is $2000. When this goes through, I will need to go to this account and stop the automatic payment that is being taken.

The other card has a limit of $5700 with available credit of $5700. They didn’t initiate the balance transfer. I wonder if that is because the $5500 that I wanted to move is from a credit card with this company… I will know more once the cards have arrived. That’s okay though, the approved Blue Cash credit of $10,000 with balance transfer options.

I haven’t yet received the results from the Costco/Amex card. I wonder if it will go through, since my employer pays for my card. Maybe it won’t. Also, I don’t know if the two Chase cards I applied for were the two new accounts above, or did they split the one Chase card with the two balance transfer amounts into two cards? I’ll know before too long.

It really is like juggling to keep everything straight. I some days grow weary of it all.

My 1st blogoversary contest ends on September 27th, 2008 midnight PST. You still have time to comment to earn an entry to win one of three prizes!

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