Yakezie Alexa Challenge Now Has Its Own Website

Proud Member of the Yakezie Network

I’m late in announcing this, but I wanted to share that the Yakezie Alexa Challenge now has its own website: Yakezie.com.  We began learning more about the members of the group on August 16th; how they got started blogging, how they learned about the challenge and a few details about their personal lives [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Paying Bills Online, So Much Easier

I’ve been paying Mr. A’s bills by check because it just seems more professional. However, this month I delayed on sending out the payment to his business credit card (which I’ve been paying in full each month). It’s due by the 19th, and I started feeling a little nervous that it wouldn’t arrive in [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Update on the Denied Insurance Payments

If you are visiting from the Carnival of Personal Finance – Halloween 2009 Edition hosted at Money Crashers, welcome to Out of Debt Again! Thank you Erik for including my post in today’s carnival!

Back in September I wrote about how Mr. A’s insurance company was asking us to reimburse them for prescription medication [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Mr. A Graduated - Bank Secured Credit Card Becomes Unsecured

// // Last year, Mr. A and I went down to the bank and had him sign up for a bank secured credit card so he could start building credit in his name. He used cash only for many years and the credit bureaus didn’t even know who he was when we tried [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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