Finds on Friday, May 16th

  1. Mrs. Micah’s In Case of Alien Abduction Series. This is an important idea. Like Mrs. Micah, I am also the one in charge of our finances, and I am going to start keeping hard copies of all this information. Mr. A doesn’t “do” computers and if something were to happen to me and our son, he’d be lost without hard copies.
  2. The Saving Diva of Saving for a Home of My Own reminded me about Ebates! I have been a member since January 2000 but forgot all about Ebates for a couple of years. I have earned a total of $77.10 from this company. If you join using my Ebates referral link you can make $5 to start off and I’ll make $5, too!
  3. I happened upon this 2006 blog post of Tricia’s from Blogging Away Debt with instructions for how to start your very own personal finance blog. She linked to Penny Foolish’s 2006 post How to Start a Blog and one of her suggestions was to get listed on, The Aggregator. The rules have changed since 2006, as now “strongly suggests that you have 100 unique visitors on a regular basis prior to signing up. Sitemeter indicates I should be able to join before too long!
  4. This is a great post from Blunt Money on what you can expect when buying your first home. I remember buying our first home… Mr. A and I were newlyweds for the first time… our baby was due within a month or so. I can still remember the excitement of moving in.
  5. This post caught my eye from My Dollar Plan: Our Credit Limits: Over $1,000,000. Whoa! Just reading about all that credit card arbitrage made my head swim! I am in awe at the organizational skills it must take to keep that many accounts afloat. Did you comment for a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate from My Dollar Plan? Head over now, you still have some time before Madison chooses the winner.
  6. I really liked The Bright Side of Debt’s post about their snowflaking progress. I really need to get on board with snowflaking!

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3 thoughts on “Finds on Friday, May 16th

  1. Thanks for including it. 🙂 I find that as a general rule things work well as long as one partner is interested in finances. But only if there’s communication and backup planning. And the silent partner can weigh in.

    I’m working on the second part of the packet…hope to have it up soon. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the mention. I agree, the credit cards are a little crazy, but I think I’ve built it up over time and adjusted to it:)


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