What I Almost Got for Mother’s Day

My Mother’s Day gift almost cost $400. Mr. A knows how much I love Jacaranda trees, and he wanted to get me a full grown tree, which would be delivered and planted by the nursery.

As it turns out, luckily I verbalized my wish to finally have my own digital camera this year, for my combination Mother’s Day/birthday present. When Mr. A heard that, he decided against the tree.

I called my mother-in-law to wish her a happy Mother’s Day, and told her that Mr. A had planned to buy me a tree for Mother’s Day. My MIL verbally chastised me, telling me I had to stop doing that to myself and to Mr. A. I told her if I was going to spend any money on myself, I would rather spend it on a camera. She told me I was worthy of receiving a tree and a camera.

I knew it wouldn’t do any good to defend myself any further, as we have had these conversations before. I don’t know my mother-in-law’s financial situation, but I have heard rumors that she has quite a bit of debt.

I am glad that Mr. A is sensitive to my feelings, and discarded his idea of the perfect gift.

These are the cameras I’ve been looking at:

Kodak ZD710 7.1MP

Nikon Coolpix S550 (Plum)

I think I will wait until the Memorial Day sales come out before I make my final decision, which might end up being that I won’t be getting a camera after all. One of my favorite places to check for the sales that come out in the newspapers is at Sales Circular. You can check prices and features in local stores for:

Satellite Radio, Digital Camera, DVD, TV, HDTV, Camcorder, Boombox, Projector, Speaker, VCR, WebTV, Car CD Player, Home Theater, Cordless Phone, GPS Receiver, MP3 Player, Home Stereo

Cooking Range, Dishwasher, Washer, Dryer, Microwave, Vacuum, Refrigerator, Freezer

Computer, Monitor, Printer, Apple, Hard Disk, Flash Memory, USB Drive, Sound Card, Video Card, Memory, DVD Writer, Networking, Blank Discs

Games, Education, Finance, Tax, PlayStation, Nintendo, Wii, XBox, Utilities, Graphics, Genealogy, Home Design, Video Editing

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