I Never Wanted to Be an Entrepreneur But I’ve Changed My Mind

Ten years ago I thought I’d always work a regular job. In fact, I had definite thoughts about entrepreneurship – I was certain it wasn’t for me.  I liked the safety net of working for someone else.  I didn’t like the idea of being solely dependent on myself to make the money.  I felt working a “regular” job would be infinitely more reliable.

But in the last couples of years I’ve changed my mind.  I’ve got a taste of what it feels like to be self-employed, and I like it.  What’s more, I believe I could be very good at it.  Plus, I really don’t want to be at my current job for the rest of my life.  I know I could get a job someplace else, but I don’t want to do that either.  My employer is very good to me and I’m in a very fortunate position. I don’t think I could find as good a deal anywhere else.  Except the self-employment gig.

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One of my side lines is writing e-books.  I’ve had some success with that in 2013, and have more planned.  As a writer/blogger, I could work wherever I wanted. I wouldn’t be limited to one specific area. Shoot, I could even rent offices and commercial space in Brisbane, Australia!  I have a friend who has become successful with blogging and he doesn’t even have a home of his own right now. He was recently in Hawaii for a couple months and is staying at his parent’s home for the holidays.  I think it would be fun to rent an RV and travel around the United States for a year.  I dig staying in little travel trailer parks – I have lived in a permanent travel trailer and it was neat getting to meet the people that were staying for a few months at a time.

Anyway, I am not the kind of person to just quit my job, so in the meantime I am basically working two jobs.  One is my “day job” – the reliable income position.  My other is writing and blogging. I’m actually writing this post on Christmas Day, in between cooking Christmas dinner.  Yes, I even work on Christmas!  But I really do love what I do and so I don’t mind.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, and to tell you the truth I previously didn’t know if I had the fortitude or desire to do it.  It means you spend most of your spare time working, and I even spend my commute time listening to entrepreneurship-type books on my Kindle.

One of my favorite entrepreneurs is Pat Flynn who writes at Smart Passion Income.  He just seems so genuine and down to earth.  He’s one of the reasons I finally decided to take the plunge with my first e-book.  Another person who inspires me is Crystal Stemberger who blogs at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.  I knew Crystal back when she was just starting out. It has been amazing to watch her business grow.

I’m planning to continue my journey to self-employment in 2014.

What are your goals for the coming year?





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5 thoughts on “I Never Wanted to Be an Entrepreneur But I’ve Changed My Mind

  1. The trouble with working for yourself is that you’re your own worst boss!

    And that you have to do every job in the company, from janitor to CEO. This makes 17-hour days the norm.

    Every time I’ve switched from independent contracting to a job, I’ve walked into an office where staff were carrying on and on and on about how gawdawful much WORK their jobs were and how HARD they had to work. And I would always feel like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Imagine: being able to stop and go home at five or six o’clock at night! And knock off for lunch? Amazing.

    On the other hand, one does get mighty bored, working in an office day in and day out.
    Funny about Money recently posted..Cat Wars! The Battle of the RampartsMy Profile


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Funny, agreed on all counts! Another really bad problem is if you are prone to being distracted and having trouble staying on task. That can really hurt an entrepreneur while in the work place there are always a few slackers alongside the ones getting everything done. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  2. Being an entrepreneur is definitely not easy. In fact it is probably one of the hardest things ever. I think the mainstream media has glorified it in the recent years and has made it look extremely easy to be one. They never show the hard work and sacrifices of entrepreneurs, only the rewards.
    Marvin recently posted..Tax Free Municipal BondsMy Profile


  3. I would love to have a business that my husband and I could do together…at home. He does such a good job of supporting our family and I make some working from home as a contractor but it would be amazing to have something that would enable him to be home with us!
    Jenn recently posted..How to Have a Strong Marriage when Life is Kicking the Crap out of YouMy Profile


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Jenn, I hope you and your husband are able to find what works for your family. I think it’s so important for children to be raised by their parents instead of placed in day care, so your children are already pretty lucky to have mom with them. The parent who has to be gone misses out on so much. Good luck! 🙂 Mrs. A


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